4 Best Window Air Conditioners With Heat

The best window air conditioner with heat lets you kill two birds with one stone. That is; live in a cool, humid room climate during summer and sail through a warm comfortable room climate in winter.

That said, an efficient long-living air conditioner with a heater like the Fredrich Chill Series EP 24G33B is hard to find among a crowd of low-standard air conditionérs. So today we share the results of our intensive research on the top air conditioners with heat in the market. We shall later have a comprehensive buying guide for air conditioners but before that, let us first sink into our in-depth reviews for each of our picks.

Our precise list for the best air conditioners with heat

  1. Fredrich Chill Series EP 24G33B – Best overall
  2. Garrison 2477802 R-410A – Best for people with allergic conditions.
  3. Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 – Easy installation
  4. Koldfront WAC8001W

1. Fredrich Chill Series EP 24G33B – Our top best window air conditioner with heat.

Fredrich Chill Series EP 24G33B

Fredrich never lets down when it comes to quality. This is exactly what the 30.3 x 25.5 x16.9 inches (D x W x H) Fredrich chill series EP 24G33B window air conditioner with electric heater brings you. With a 23,000 BTU cooling and 12,000 BTU heating capacity, you are assured of controlling a 1,400 square feet room’s climate.

With an easy wall or window installation, this amazingly quiet air conditioner with an electric heater shall easily cool down your kitchen and extend to other nearby rooms. Included air sweep louvers ensure uniform cooling throughout the house by the automatic left and right oscillation during the cooling or heating process.

This powerful model allows for convenient power connection by letting you connect the power cable from either the left or right front side. Though reported to have a few failures, the included remote lets you control this powerful model from any point in the room.

With an air conditioner with heat, your electricity bills are bond to hike. This model saves you from too high electricity usage with its 24-hour timer that lets you set your custom on and off times. Once you’ve done your settings, nothing shall alter them since the model has an auto-restart feature that restores settings in case of a power interruption.

I almost forgot to mention that this model comes with a 4-year warranty on the sealed refrigeration system and one year for parts and labor, what a deal!


  1. Includes a 24-hour power saving timer.
  2. Has auto air sweep swing louvers for an even conditioning effect.
  3. Allows for both window and wall installation.
  4. It comes with remote control for easy and convenient control from anywhere in the space.
  5. The money saver mode operates the fan alone during cooling thereby cutting on energy usage.


  1. There have been reported cases of the remote not being effective in case of an obstruction in its way. However, it works pretty well without obstructions.

A final word on Fredrich Chill Series EP 24G33B

This model is costly but overperforms when it comes to room climate conditioning. You have the option of installing it through the wall or window, based on your room design and preferences. With all its energy-saving features, this heavy-duty model shall work well for those who need to cool or warm large spaces. Check out its latest price here.

2. Garrison 2477802 R-410A
Through-The-Window Heat/Cool AC

Garrison 2477802 R-410A

This lightweight and easy to install window air conditioner with heat makes our runner up position. With a cooling and heating capacity of 12000 BTUs, this model works perfectly for spaces up to 550 square feet.

Its efficient electric control system includes an LED display that lets you easily read your selected settings. Carefully crafted to fix to your window, this cool model ensures your interior design remains unaffected by fitting and matching your design.

With the included 24-hour timer, this model shall ensure an energy-saving cooling or heating experience. The included fan runs continuously during the power saver mode and normal functioning. This model comes with 5 modes of control that lets you balance between your cooling or heating needs and saving on your energy, the modes are Fan, Cool, Heat, Dehumidifier, and auto.

With an available remote control, you can control the model from any point in your room. With a full warranty of 1 year and a limited one for an additional 4 years, you are sure about the durability and insurance of your unit.


  1. Comes with a heating and cooling capacity of 12,000 BTUs
  2. Includes a dehumidifier for people with allergies
  3. It has a 24-hour timer that lets you program it to your needs for energy saving reasons.
  4. The remote control lets you control it from any point in your room.
  5. Has a one full year warranty plus an additional 4 years limited warranty.


  1. No serious glitches were identified for this model.

A final word on Garrison 2477802 R-410A

For those with allergic conditions, this model shall work perfectly for you with its dehumidifier feature. When you consider its lightweight that lets you easily fix it to your window and the heavy uniform cooling and heating capacity, the model fully fits any room climate conditioning needs. Check out its latest price here.

3. Frigidaire – FFRH0822R1 – Provides for the easiest installation & power saver.

Frigidaire FFRH0822R1

The company never fails when it comes to the production of easy-to-use implements. This is exactly what the 23.3 x 22.6 x 15.4 inches Frigidaire model air conditioner with heat brings you. This model includes a slide-out chassis which makes its wall or window installation very easy. The included window mounting kit lets you easily adjusting this model to fit your window. With an 8000 BTU cooling and 3500 BTU heating capacity, this clean model shall fully control the climate in your 350 square feet room.

With a standard electric outlet of 115V, this power-saving model includes amazing saver features. Its 24-hour on and off timer ensures the air conditioner with heat does not run even after reaching your set room condition levels. The low power start-up and energy saver mode ensures your electric bill isn’t that shocking. You need no extra extension cord since this model comes with a 6.5 feet long three-prong power cord to reach out to wherever your socket might be placed within the room.

Talking about its easy to use features, this model includes a fully responsive remote control. So, what you need is to have it with you, and set the AC from your sofa while reading your favorite magazine or watching your favorite team play. This model also comes with a 7000 BTU heat pump to make your cold space fully warm as per your needs.

Disturbed with too humid air? Worry not for this model comes with a dehumidifier that does up to 1.5 pints/hour. Get assured of a long life with the provided full one year warranty plus an additional 4 years limited on the sealed AC conditioner.


  1. A power-saving model
  2. This model operates quietly keeping you at peace.
  3. It has 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds, and 1 heat speed.
  4. It comes with a window mounting kit for easy, fast installation.
  5. Heats cool and dehumidify rooms up to 350 square feet with its 8000 BTU cooling capacity and 7000 BTU heat pump.


  1. Some buyers complained of breakages that were repaired by the company’s specialists under warranty.

A final word on this model.

If you are looking for an air conditioner model that allows for easy installation then go for this. The model is ideal for those homeowners who are allergic to high electricity bills and works quite well. You can check out its latest price here.

4. Koldfront WAC8001W

Koldfront WAC8001W

If you are running on a limited budget and still need a quality window air conditioner and heater, then the Koldfront WAC8001W Window air conditioner is the model for you. This model comes with 8,000 BTUs cooling and 3,500 BTUs supplemental heating capacity, hence an ability to fully condition space of up to 350 square feet.

Armed with three fan speeds and four ways directional vents, this model presents all the airflow control to your hands. The result is an evenly cooled or heated room for you to enjoy. Its 24-hour timer ensures that you save on the extra electricity bills supported by the sleep feature.

Though some buyers complained about its poor lighting, the included remote gives you easy and full control. Included is a digital thermal control that lets you customize the AC to your desired temperatures. You do not have to worry about having your vents block due to the included check filter that easily lets you check the filters.

With an included dehumidifier, forget about disturbing humid air. Worry less about breakages and system glitches due to the provided 2-year warranty.


  1. An affordable model
  2. Includes four ways of directional vents to ensure even distribution of air within your space.
  3. Dehumidify up to 45 pints per day.
  4. Includes a 24-hour timer and a thermostat.
  5. Offers 8000 BTU cooling and 3500 BTU supplemental heating.


  1. This model is relatively loud unlike the earlier three.

A final word on Koldfront WAC8001W

For those who need an affordable and fully effective best window air conditioner with heat, then this is the model for you. Coming at a relatively cheap price, this unit offers all amazing cooling and supplemental heating features. Check out its latest price here.

Buying Guide – What should you consider when purchasing the window air conditioner with heat?

1. An ideal cooling capacity.

When you set out to buy an air conditioner with heat, you have an intended space to condition. Different air conditioners with heat models have a varying cooling capacity. If you get a model with low capacity, then it shall take a long time of energy-consuming to cool or warm your room. If you go for one with too high capacity, then you are gonna have it turn on and off at close intervals ending up making an irregular unstable room climate.

A lot of factors shall affect the effectiveness of your conditioner with heat. A room that experiences direct sunlight shall take more time and energy to cool. The kitchen has higher temperatures that need an additional 4000 BTUs. Similarly, rooms with high ceilings (8 feet) shall need more BTUs than rooms with low ceilings.

Generally, choose a model with a 5000 BTU cooling capacity for a 150 square feet room. For every 50 square feet space added, you shall have to get a model with an additional 1000 BTUs.

2. The cost

Figure out your room conditioning needs and your budget. Ensure that your budget doesn’t lead you to choose a model that shall take a week to cool your space! Based on the capacity, best room conditioners with heat model’s prices range from $100 to over $1000.

The cost of a model shall follow you to the house. You shall need to maintain and cater for extra electricity bills. Make sure you go for a model with high durability, energy-saving with low maintenance needs.

3. Energy saving

Most modérn room conditioners with heat come with a programmable thermostat. This is a mechanism that automatically responds to your set room condition needs. When the temperature is high, it shall cool to your set level and vice versa.

Other best room conditioner with heat models switch on and off at intervals to ensure efficient energy usage when it’s only needed.

4. Easy installation

Window air conditioners are basically made for window installation. However, some models are meant to fit both wall and window installations. Avoid installing window air conditioners through walls unless it provides for it.

When purchasing an ideal window air conditioner, you have to measure the size of your window first. Most models provide for small, medium and large sizes, choose this according to the size of your intended installation window.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question: What is a window air conditioner with heat?

Answer: A window air conditioner with heat is a combo made up of an air conditioner and heater. Unlike traditional air conditioners which cool a room, this combo cools and heats the room to give you the desired room climate no matter the season. They are tailored to fit window installation by being small and portable.

Question: Can a window air conditioner with heat play the role of a central unit?

Answer: Window air conditioners with heat are meant to supplement your central unit and work best for small scale cooling. However, there are powerful models that have the capacity to cool a whole floor or house unit.

Question: What is the advantage of buying a window air conditioner with heat instead of a typical air conditioner?

Typical air conditioners only cool the room. Differently, air conditioners with heat cool and heat your room with just a few remote clicks. That said, they are effective and work fast for small spaces. Imagine waiting for your central cooling system to cool your entire room for hours, the best window air conditioner with heat combo takes care of your room condition needs within minutes.


It is a really hard task to control our external climate which becomes harsh from time to time. When you retract to your house to seek refuge from the hot sun in summer, you expect a cool room. Your central place might be unable to spread your desired effect through your house.

This calls for the best window air conditioner with heat. However, some will bring in more maintenance costs with poor functioning. With the above four, you are sure of an ideal AC with the heat at your desired budget. Pick one and have a nice room air conditioning experience.

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