The 5 Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yards

This list of best lawn mowers for small yards came out of my extensive research as a user after my below frustrating experience.

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a chilly winter evening, I look through the window, my eyes gaze at the overgrown grass lawn. I just wanna say, it looks bad, and guess what? I need to do something. After coffee, I go straight to my store, adjust the handles of my recently acquired lawn mower, switch it on, and damn, out, comes smoke, then silence.

Since I am not planning for expensive monthly lawn mowing bills, I have to go back to Amazon, but not like before, I did enough research to pick out just the best lawn mower for small yards like mine which sum up to about 1/8-acre.

The best lawn mower that has served me since then till now(though with little flaws here and there), is the WORX WG779.9 that I have used six months down the line, still intact. I shall share the top ideal land mowers and their pros and cons, as I discovered during my research and exploration.

A precise list of the top 5 best lawn mowers for small yards.

  1. WORX WG779.9
  2. GREENWORKS 25022 Corded Lawn Mower
  5. The great States 415-16 Lawn Mower

1. WORX WG779.9

The WORX WG779.9 is a fully mobile lawn mower that offers small yard owners easy handling due to its compact design that requires little, non-costly maintenance. Its separately sold 20V 4.0 Ah Li-ion batteries are fast charging and provide enough power to run for 20 minutes working.

Don’t worry about grass collection since this model comes with a grass catcher bag for grass accumulation. What caught my attention most was the wide handle on top of its grass catcher bag which allows for easy removal, dumping, and replacement. With an included lever blade adjusting system, you can adjust to a variety of heights, according to your needs.

More amazing features

This 41″ Mower comes with a 13″ blade, therefore, allows for 13″ width cutting at a go, which relatively small and therefore more working hours. This might be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your needs. For a medium yard, this mower’s running time is insufficient, but for small yards, this is the best lawnmower.

Its exceptional foldability feature saves your storage space. With a total weight of 34 pounds and almost silent while mowing down thick overgrown grass-like candy, you can be calling while comfortably pushing it around. However fine it is, this land mower comes with the disadvantage of short run time, thereby, needs you to take a break midway your mowing exercise and wait for the batteries to fully charge, this might turn out to be an amazing feature, especially if you like rests midway your work.

Its turbo mode works for strong, thick overgrown grass while the eco mode allows for less power usage in case of short grass.
Did I almost forget to tell you that this lawnmower also mulches your grass, to provide humus and also discourage the growth of weeds? You can comfortably switch from mulch to grass catcher modes.


  1. Almost totally silent.
  2. Easy to assemble and use.
  3. Less and basic maintenance required.
  4. It has a height-adjustable and foldable handle for easy use and storage.
  5. A lightweight lawn mower weighing 34 pounds.
  6. A 13″ cutting width.
  7. It comes with a grass catcher bag that is easy to remove and return.
  8. Includes a lever for adjusting blade cutting heights.
  9. Provides you with a mulch option


  1. Have 20 minutes loaded run time which is insufficient for completing your job? You can take this as a chance for you to take a rest. Alternatively, you can purchase additional batteries, to use when the first pair goes low.
  2. I also did not like the Idea of separately buying batteries that call for extra expenditure.

My final word on WORX WG779.9

This is a dream ideal model, whose service, any modern yard requires. Additionally, it caters to your height and pollutes neither the air around you by sound nor the environment from waste fumes like the traditional gas lawnmowers. Being easy to maintain, keep and use, this lawnmower is one of the best lawn mowers for small yards. Check out its latest price here.

2. GREENWORKS 25022 Corded Lawn Mower

The GREENWORKS 25022 is a 3-in-1 electric powered land mower, that is; It can switch among mulching, side discharge or bagging the trimmed grass. This 120V AC powered mower is amazingly silent during operation with a 15 Amp cord connecting it to the power source. This means that, unlike the WORX WG779.9, you got all the mowing time you need as long as it is plugged into a power source.

Armed with a 12 Amp motor and seven levels of blade adjustments, this model can handle almost any kind and height of grass, though, there is reported poor performance in long, dump and wide grass varieties. In case your yard has poor terrain, this land mower model got you covered, thanks to its 10″ rare and 7″ front wheels which can maneuver through your terrain.

More amazing features

With the Greenworks, you are assured of easy handling and storage due to its compact design and an easily foldable handle. With a lightweight of 56 lbs, you can easily guide it around without much muscle effort. To add to this, it has got an easy push to start mechanism. For this model, you only need to push an easily accessible button and just start mowing!

The manufacturers of this model must have been aware of the disturbing extension cord which unplugs itself during operation. This is not the case for the Greenworks since it comes with a small clip that secures the cord to prevent it from unplugging during operation.

An easy to attach and detach bag included at the rear of this lawnmower comes in handy when you need the bagging of grass for disposal. And finally, this best lawn mower meant for small yards comes with a four-year warranty. This is quite an amazingly long term assurance.


  1. Easy to attach and detach bag.
  2. Well developed 10″ rear and 7″ front wheels to maneuver a variety of terrains.
  3. 4-Year warranty to cover your investment.
  4. It comes with foldable handles therefore easy and efficient storing.
  5. 7 levels of cutting height adjustments for almost all grass types.
  6. Includes a powerful 12 Amp motor to power through even the tallest toughest grass.
  7. It is a 3-in-1 lawnmower that can mulch, bag or discharge the grass from its sides as per your needs.
  8. It is a compact, easy to install and handle model.


  1. This model has widely been reported to fail when mowing tall, damp and wide blade grass such as the St. Augustine grass.
  2. You shall have to buy an extension cord since it is not included.

A final word on the GREENWORKS 25022

This is a handy powerful and efficient land mower for small yards. Being corded means infinite running hours. This is one of the best lawn mowers for people with yards that have medium and thin-bladed grass. Check out its latest price here


Your small yard might be full of obstacles with really challenging terrain. The BLACK+DECKER 3-IN-1 LAWN MOWER comes solely for this purpose. This small, lightweight and the amazingly effective lawn mower can be adjusted to translate into a string trimmer or edger, isn’t that amazing!

Being 15.2 x 40.5 x 7.4 inches and 14.4 pounds, this lawnmower is extra small and lightweight thereby easy to handle and store. Since it is battery powered, you have the freedom to move to wherever your yard stretches to, without having to worry about a cord unplugging like in the GreenWorks lawn mower model.

Unfortunately, this small handy lawn mower for small yard owners does not come with a grass collection system. You therefore if you are planning for collection, you shall have to do it manually. Alternatively, you can leave the residue grass to mulch just like in the other two lawnmowers.

Its mower has a 12″ cutting width with two cutting height adjustments that function through lowering or raising its four wheels. Apart from its lightweight, this model has a height-adjustable length. It also comes with a well-developed handle that provides you with a safe and firm grip for easy use.


  1. Lightweight and small size, good for yards with obstacles and poor terrain.
  2. Includes a trimmer and a decker hence complete lawn tending with one tool.
  3. It is battery powered and hence highly mobile.
  4. Has got two height adjustment options.
  5. This mower rests on four wheels for easy mobility.
  6. Takes about 2½ hours to fully recharge.


  1. If you prefer an automatic collection of grass in an included bag, then forget it with the Black+Decker model.
  2. Relatively small cutting width and hence, more mowing time.
  3. Its battery has a short running time and a relatively long charging time.

A final word on BLACK+DECKER 3-IN-1 LAWN MOWER

This is among the best lawn mowers for those with yards situated in obstacle-filled places and generally coarse yards. Its 3-in-1 tools feature ensures that you do not worry about additional purchases to get set for complete yard mowing. Check its latest price here.


What is more amazing than an automatic lawnmower? This is exactly what the Worx WG794 presents. Armed with an intuitive keyboard, this lawn mower lets you easily customize your desired lawn mowing schedule and options. It is all you got to do and let this robotic best land mower accurately trim your small lawn as per your instructions.

Its small size can let it trim grass in tricky points with obstacles such as underneath seats. This 28V battery-powered model makes less to no noise while it trims the grass on your yard uniformly according to your instructions to leave a clean beautiful finish. The included sensors make it sense rain, in case of this or low battery, the robotic mower returns to its charging point automatically!

More features

With a no-load speed of up to 2800/minute, the model manages clean uniform cuts in up to 20° inclining and declining terrains. Its automatic shock sensor system helps it to safely mow around obstacles without collision.

It comes with two adjustable heights of 1.6;4 inches to ensure both long and short grass is dealt with. Though very expensive, this 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches and 36 pounds robotic land mower is worth its price since it lets you relax, the only thing you need to do after setting it is putting in place the boundary wires so that it can sense the set mowing boundaries.

It has a long operational time after which it gets back to its charging point, this means that you can have it do all your work for 12 hours at night while you take a quiet peaceful sleep since it produces less to no noise. Be assured that this model together with its parts lasts very very long.


  1. Highly mobile and portable sine it is battery powered.
  2. Automatic with robot function hence does all the work for you.
  3. It can mow up and down relatively steep slopes and obstacles.
  4. Automatic return in case of rain or low power.
  5. Easy to set up and use
  6. Works with little noise for a long time, to give a clean accurate finish.
  7. Includes an easy to use keypad that lets you do all the customization as per your needs.


  1. The automatic robotic functions have been reported to fail sometimes, so get prepared for this.
  2. A very expensive model.

My final word on the WORX WG794

This super-expensive robotic lawnmower lives to its promised functioning. With the right handling and setting, it does all the lawn mowing work to leave your yard looking sparkling. All you have to do is set it and go to sleep or find some other activity to keep you engaged. This is truly one of the top lawn mowers for small yards available in the market. Check out its price here.

5. The Great States 415-16 Lawn Mower

This is an easy tool-free assemble lawnmower without an engine. The power to run it fully comes from your push. This affordable best loan mower works well for small yard owners who dislike noise and love exercise.

With a 16″ cutting width, its t-style handles with an adjustable height give you a comfortable firm grip to get to work. The five-strong blades mounted between its wheels give a sharp uniform cut to your grass leaving it healthy and eager to regerminate compared to the rotary blades which squash and destroy your grass blades. The speed depends on your pushing effort.

The cutting blades have adjustable heights that let you trim most grasses of different heights. Talk of less to no maintenance and this model clicks it. All you have to do is get up, push and keep working till you are done then clean and keep it safe in a very small space in your store.


  1. Includes five powerful blades.
  2. It needs less to no maintenance compared to the other models.
  3. Easy to assemble, use and store.
  4. Accurate precise cutting that does not injure your grass.
  5. It is less expensive compared to other models and hence affordable.


  1. This model needs your energy to move and work.

A final word on the Great States 415-16 Lawn Mower

This is an affordable lawn mower that is 100° eco-friendly that helps you exercise as you do your hobby or routine work. It works as well as the gas or electric-powered ones only that the power, in this case, comes from your muscles. This is one of the best lawn mowers for small yards. Find its latest price here.

What should you consider when purchasing a lawn mower for your small yard?

When it comes to features, different models differ with some well developed for some operations and at the same time underdeveloped for some conditions. You should be careful to choose among the best lawn mowers with the right features to satisfy your small yards mowing needs. Some of the important features to consider are explained below.

1. The cutting width of a mower

This is the amount of grass that your mower can do at a go. A wider mower shall have a wider blade and hence more cutting width compared to one with a shorter blade. If you, therefore, prefer a fast lawn mowing experience, you shall go for a lawnmower with a wider cutting length.

Since we are talking about small lawns, this might not be a too alarming feature, but it is still important for your desired operating speed.

2. Grass discharge mechanism

Most lawn mowers come with a grass collection mechanism through an attached box that accumulates grass for convenient removal. However, the models that lack this mechanism are light weighted and compact, therefore, you shall have to forego the weight factor if you need efficient automatic grass collection.

3. Type of lawnmower

There are three types of lawnmowers, that is gas, battery, and electric powered lawnmowers. Your selection shall heavily depend on your needs and location.
There is an option for combined lawnmowers that can use gas, electricity or battery to run. Another important feature to consider under type is the propelling mechanism. Walk-behind mowers are self-propelled and only need you to guide their movement. They are the best for small yards since you do not have to do much of the physical work.

4. Cutting height adjustment.

Most lawn mowers come with an option for height adjustments. Your desired height shall be king, just make sure you choose a mower with a variety of height adjustment options.

5. Cost

Cost is a key factor in most of our daily purchases. Most of the best lawn mowers for small yards are relatively affordable with the electric ones being easy to maintain. Just make sure that you don’t compromise the quality of a lawnmower at the expense of your budget.

6. Warranty

Purchasing a lawn mower digs into your pocket, you do not want to lose your invested money on faulty non-warranted lawnmower models. Go for a model that provides for a good warranty period that has a wide scope of cover and preferably long.


Q. What is the difference between electric lawnmowers and a gas-powered lawnmower?

Answer: As the names suggest, an electric lawn mower uses an electric powered motor to operate while a gas-powered one has a small one cylinder piston to operate.

Q. Which are the best lawn mowers for small yards, between the electric and the gas-powered?

Answer: This depends on a number of factors, either of the two has circumstances where it takes a tall. If you need much mobility without limitation, then, the gas-powered lawnmower is the most ideal for you, though, this comes at a cost of extra maintenance bills. An electric-powered one, on the other hand, is limited to its power cord, although, a battery-powered one can work like the gas-powered, at lower costs.

You might be planning to work on areas where power might be a problem, better use a gas-powered model, and hey! do not forget to carry along lots of gas, you shall need it!

Q. How do I avoid the thin grass strips that remain after mowing my lawn?

Answer: These strips come as a result of non-accurate mowing, the trick is; you should overlap a little bit in every subsequent line so that the overall result becomes uniform.

Q. How do I safely remove a lawnmower blade?

Answer: Since the blade is sharp and can spin to cause accidents, you need to first jam it with maybe a stick or anything else. Next, you can now loosen the nut(s) depending on the models make and safely remove the blade.

Q. How do I clean my lawnmower?

Answer: Cleaning your lawn mower shall encourage durability. To clean your loan mower, make sure it is switched off, empty the gas tank and disconnect spark plug connectors.

Now use a powerful hose to clean the deck, which is usually the dirtiest part. Make sure all the cut grass residue comes off the blade and the area surrounding it. Use a brush, rag, and water to give a more accurate clean then finally rinse your lawnmower and allow it to dry.

Refill the gas and replace the spark plugs, generally restore the parts you disintegrated first and your lawn mower shall be ready for work, or storage.


The best lawn mowers for small yards are an asset that shall cost a few bucks but save you thousands of dollars worth of bills annually. However, you should be careful not to choose a model that shall turn out to be expensive in the long run in terms of maintenance and dysfunctions.
From Mr. Best Review, we wish you a happy bill saving, small lawn mowing hobby.

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