4 Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope

Golf courses are not the most level grounds you shall find, being outdoors, there are always ups and downs. Other range finders shall give basic yardage to the target, thereby overlooking a lot of factors such as wind and the terrain. The best golf rangefinder with slope does it a little bit differently by giving elevation adjusted yardage to the target.

So, a rangefinder with slope shall make precise and accurate measurements compared to the standard type. However, these types of golf rangefinders are not allowed in tournaments since they can measure elevation and distance making the sporting activity too easy.

For beginners, coaches, and training, this device comes in handy. Since it measures distance and elevation, it plays a big role when developing yardage books. All that said, a handy model is a problem to find, given the piles of counterfeits, refurbished or poorly functioning types. With good research, we picked the best models and gave reasons in our review below.

1. Precision Pro Golf NX7

Never again should you strain to hit green up-hill or downhill. I say this because Precision Pro Golf comes in to help you get accurate yardage and slope elevation measurement with its 6x magnification lenses. The result is more shots landing on the green hence more scores. This model has a clear display that lets you see the exact results to avoid errors and second-guessing. In the display, there is a target acquisition that helps you easily center your target hence even more accuracy.

With pulse vibration technology, you get to be sure of the measurements. Immediately this golf range finder hits the correct distance and elevation, this feature lets it vibrate as an indicator to you. Golf is an outdoor game, barriers such as rain should not worry you, at least for distance and elevation measurements, if you got this model since it is designed to be waterproof.

You don’t have to get kicked out of a tournament due to the slope function of the Precision Pro Golf NX7. All you gotta do is simply switch the slope function on or off by pressing a button. The manufacturer offers free lifetime battery replacement service under the Precision Care Package, what a deal! Just register your newly acquired best golf rangefinder with slope and submit a request for a new CR2 3V battery once the previous ones run low.

Use this model for 400 yards distance and below. Included is a cleaning cloth, a quality carrying case, plus an instructional manual to ensure that you use it the right way. With a two year warranty, you are reassured of durability. Check out this model on Amazon here.


  • The manufacturer allows for a trade-in allowance
  • Has a target acquisition technology for easy flag pick up
  • Comes with pulse vibration to notify you when ready
  • Designed with an adaptive slope to adjust the yardage as per the terrain
  • You get a free lifetime battery replacement


  • We noticed with keen interest that two of the verified buyers complained of faulty yardage, which is 200 instead of the promised 400 yards. However, the manufacturer made a replacement for one, while the other client never initiated a return. Most buyers, however, have confirmed their performance and are happy with their purchase.

2. TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S

To help you pick the best club, Tec Tec Tec VPRO500S is designed to give yardage readings with an accuracy of +/- 1. With an ability to measure 500+ yards and a 6x magnification, this is the model that ensures you hit the green. Elevations within the golf race lead to erroneous yardage measurement results, but not with this model that includes the slope compensation technology. Therefore, you get elevation compensated yardage.

Have you encountered overlapping targets? They weren’t easy I know, that is why this model’s manufacturer included different scanning modes. This helps you in getting accurate yardage of overlapping targets, areas with wood and pin location. The measurement locking function keeps the correct yardage measurements once reached to give you the confidence you need once you hold your club.

Get a truly premium carrying pouch which is zipped for easy opening. This golf rangefinder comes with a wrist strap to keep it safe in case it slips off your hand. Easily clean your rangefinder with the included microfibre cleaning cloth. You get to clearly see the yardage measurements through this model’s monocular with a multilayer coating to enhance the clarity of the images.

Carry along when going for tournaments since the slope function can be disabled to make this model compatible with rule 14-3. Rain shall not mess up this rainproof rangefinder. There is also a CR2 battery with a quick guide to get you started. The two-year warranty and lifetime customer support given by this manufacturer gives a clue of how lasting this model shall be. Check out its price here.


  • Has different scanning modes
  • Comes with accessories including a carrying pouch, microfibre cleaning cloth and more
  • Has a 6x magnification
  • Can measure over 500 yards
  • Includes a slope function that can be turned on and off.


  • This model is okay, only that a buyer complained of inaccurate yardage. This might come as a result of poor set up or use, ensure that you follow the included guide to set it up correctly.

3. Raythor Golf Rangefinder 6X Rechargeable

Tired of replacing batteries? This model comes with a 3.7V/900mah rechargeable battery with a micro USB port that allows you to recharge best golf rangefinder with slope, so, no more battery changes. This is the rangefinder that continuously scans the golf course to cover all targets within one round.

With an accuracy of +/- 1, this makes one of the most accurate rangefinders in the market. There are three modes that come with this model, mode 1 measures the actual distance and also enables continuous scan. Mode 2 is what professional golfers shall fancy since it gives the actual distance, supports the slope function and most of the features we discuss here. Lastly, mode 3 ensures that you instantly measure the speed of moving objects.

When the yardage and the flag location are on point, this model vibrates to alert you. The embraced pin sensor technology lets you easily measure overlapping targets such as hazards, wooded areas, and flags. Talking about the target acquisition technology that this rangefinder embraces, you get the nearest target distance thereby reducing the chances of focusing beyond the green or any other wrong location.

If you are looking for a model that can measure up to 1000 yards with a 250+ yards acquisition, then this rangefinder 6x magnification shall work for you. A digital LCD display lets you clearly view images. Accessories that come with the package include a carrying case, cleaning cloth, user manual, and a warranty card. Check out its latest price here.


  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Measures a range of 5-1000 yards and 250+ flag lock up
  • Designed with slope adjustment technology
  • Comes with three modes
  • Embraces the pin sensor technology


  • All previous buyers confirmed the quality and functionality of this device. We found no flaws with this model as of now.

4. Wosports Golf Rangefinder

Worsports designed this golf range finder with slope to improve your golf gaming skills. After training, you get to easily convert this rangefinder to a tournament legal by switching to the non-slope mode. Get your measurements in either meters or yards by just a long press on the mode button.

Get readings as you move by activating the continuous measurement scan mode. You do not want to get the wrong target, this model ensures this through its advanced flag acquisition technology that leaves out objects in the background to focus on the flag. Once you have identified you only need to short press the power button then move the cross sign from left to right, once the flag distance gets locked, this model vibrates to alert you.

The included LCD screen gives good clear images for a better view of the measurement results. An accuracy of +/- 1 ensures you get the exact measurement of ranges up to 650 yds and 180+ yds flag lock for more green targets. The white and black handy model has a unique battery design that is inseparable from the rangefindér’s body. Check out its latest price here.


  • Unique battery design
  • An accuracy of +/- 1
  • Advanced flag technology for accurate flag targets
  • A 7.5° field angle
  • A bag and wrist strap for your handling convenience


  • The range of this model is a little bit lower but works really well, especially at the economical price this model comes with.

Buying Guide

All the above models are quality, however, you are going to need to choose one among them. Out of their outstanding features, you might run out of options on which one to go for. This is what made us sink deeper to coin you the below-buying guide. Use it to settle on the model that best suits your needs.


Accuracy is prime for golf players. Rangefinders with slope always have accuracy with a very minute error. Test to see whether your newly bought model lives to its accuracy promise. If not, consider an early return for a replacement with an accurate one.


Quality is what determines the performance and durability of any product. The quality of a slope rangefinder shall depend on the materials, features, and functionality. This is what shall subsequently determine the durability of your slope golf rangefinder. The best way to determine quality is to consider the price as explained below.

Readability & Magnification

At the end of measuring, you shall need to read the results. Go for a model with a quality screen, preferably led since they display easy to read numbers. Alternatively, you can sink deeper into your pocket and buy a model that displays red-colored numbers that are easier to read.

For magnification, the more the better. Most models shall come with a 6x magnification which is great.

The size

The best golf range finder should be medium-sized to fit both hands for better accuracy and stability. However, smaller models are easier to handle but shall need some skill to stabilize.

The price

The prices of slope golf range finders depend on the features and quality. The more the features, the more the functionality and price. The more the quality, the more the price. This does not necessarily mean that you have to empty your pockets to get one, some features might be of no use to you, always focus on the specific features you need and quality.

You can get an affordable yet fully functional slope golf rangefinder that achieves your needs without any unnecessary features. The slope function is one of the features that demand some extra bucks, hence, most models go for over $70.

The initial price might tempt you to purchase a cheaper type, however, running costs such as regular repairs shall eventually cost you. Just go for a quality model with all the features you need. Do not fear to invest more in quality to avoid later costs.

User experience

Each one of us needs an easy-to-use slope golf rangefinder. So, what are the features that make a model handy?

a. Size

The smaller the better! Smaller models are easy to hold and use. When done, you shall only need to slip it into your pocket and get moving. Precision comes when you can comfortably manage your compact slope range finder. Hence, always go for a small and compact model for easy handling.

b. Navigation & Display

With a press of friendly buttons, you should be able to command your golf range finder. Your range finder needs to have a clear and safe display for clear images and the health of your eyes.


Q: How does the slope feature work on golf rangefinders?

The slope feature in a golf rangefinder measures the elevation to the target. Combined with the rangefindérs measurement of the distance to the flagstick (yardage) allows the player to make an accurate shot.

Q: Are golf rangefinders fit for tournament use?

Generally speaking, models with the slope function are not allowed in tournaments. However, we have exemptions. The revised rule 14-3 provides that distance measuring devices shall be allowed into a tournament as long as prohibited features are turned off, disabled and are out of reach during the game.
Slope being among the prohibited features, you can only use a rangefinder with the scope function disabled and totally kept at bay when playing tournament games. If your rangefinder does not allow enabling and disabling the slope feature, then it is illegal for tournaments but perfect for practice.


The above reviewed models are the best. Follow our detailed buying guide to choose the best golf rangefinder with slope that fits both your needs and budget. Found your best among this? Well, it is time to hit more greens!

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