The 3 Best Embroidery Machines For Home Business

Torn in between home chores and work, you have decided to start a home-based embroidery business. It can save on your time for home duties, showcase your artistic talents and at the same time earn you some extra income to keep you going. One of the basic steps to success in this business is choosing the best embroidery machine for your home business.

Taking a limp of faith in investing in a machine isn’t a good idea. You might later find some acute mistakes that shall call for extra costs. The market for embroidery machines is flooded with models, with each promising the best. What I am trying to say here is, to pick the best embroidery machine for your home business, then you need extra research and careful sampling of each of the available models.

You shall agree with me that, this kind of research must be tiresome and might even end up failing you. This is where we come in. We went an extra mile to research, sample and finally pick out the 3 embroidery machines that we affirm shall last to serve you amazingly.

Our precise list

  1. Janome Memory craft 1400 – Best overall.
  2. Janome MB-4S Commercial Embroidery Machine – Easiest to use.
  3. Brother Embroidery Machine, PE800 – Best budget.

1. Janome Memory craft 1400 sewing and embroidery machine

Janome Memory craft review

At a price of less than $800 the Janome Memory craft 1400 Sewing and embroidery machine shall perform optimally for your home embroidery business. This model boasts of its 350 embroidery designs to start you off plus 400 built-in stitches.

The included 7.7″ x 4.7″ LCD touch screen display allows for easy settings and adjustments that ensure a clean embroidery result. You do not have to worry about threading since this model comes with an automatic needle threader. It’s s real-time PC connection with a horizon link suite that can easily transfer your custom designs to and from the embroidery machine in just a few clicks.

The model presents you with a wide embroidery area which is enough for large designs depending on your client’s needs. 10 LED lights situated in 5 different locations are there to ensure you do not strain with dim light, the result is accurate and amazing embroidered pieces. With this model, you can securely wind your bobbin while in the embroidering process.

Features help you with irritating repetitive actions like thread cutting and thread adjusting are catered with the included automatic thread tension adjuster and an automatic thread cutter. The machine also includes an up and down automatic presser foot lift. A large embroidery size of 9.1″ x 11.8″ ensures most sizes of your designs are actualized. Its automatic feed does the work while you keep busy with your designs.

An included heavy-duty metal frame ensures complete stitches without any skipping experienced. This model comes with an additional bonus package that includes: A red and grey rolling trolley, Janome style J Cherry Blossom Bobbins, RE 18 Essential hoop kit, Janome thread assortment #1 & #2 plus 8 packs of White pre-wound bobbins.


  1. High speed of up to 1000 SPM.
  2. Includes a thread cutter and an automatic threader.
  3. It has 10 LED lights hence lights up your working area.
  4. It comes with a touch LCD display to help you out on the settings and design viewing.
  5. Real-time PC connection with horizon link suite technology therefore you can easily move and store your designs.
  6. Includes 11 fonts with European characters.
  7. It comes with 350 embroidery designs plus 400 stitches to kickstart you.
  8. It comes with an instructional DVD manual.


  1. This model supports a single needle.
  2. Using the LCD settings is a little bit complicated.

Our final word on the Janome Memory craft 1400 sewing and embroidery machine

This is the top best embroidery machine to kickstart your home business. With its multiple features, it is a highly versatile model that shall handle all your clients’ embroidery needs. Though highly-priced, the machine is worth it. Check out its latest price here.

2. Janome MB-4S Commercial Embroidery Machine

Serious home embroidery business entrepreneurs should go for the top best 4 needles Janome MB-4S Commercial Embroidery Machine. Coming at a price of below $5,000 this “World’s First” embroidery machine for home use presents you with the ability to work with most professional embroidery formats.

The 26 X 25.5 X 18-inch embroidery machine can handle 6 Tajima hoops plus the four Janome hoops which shall see you employ more creativity on your designs. Its powerful motor ensures a sewing speed of up to 800spm which is amazing for a home business.

This digital world calls for MB-4S features. It comes with a Remote Computer Screen (RCS) that can control multiple embroidery machines, this RCS ensures that you got full control plus up to 65,536 colors. With its 3MB memory, you have a chance to store a whole 1,500,000 stitches or 100 designs, isn’t that amazing!

The included LED light precisely illuminates to ensure quality results. Tired of the after design finishes like the cutting of jump threads? Worry not for the MB-4S comes with an automatic thread cutter whose precise function cuts even the jump threads in between letters that are hard to cut. An included dedicated bobbin winding motor ensures that your bobbin is fixed hassle-free, the amazing fact is that you can fix your bobbin even when the machine is working on a design!

This 64-pound heavy machine comes with an additional bonus package with Janome Lettering Hoop Holder Unit, a Hat hoop (100 X 600 mm), Janome No.7 and 9 Lettering Hoop.


  1. Includes an LED light for a clear embroidering area.
  2. It comes with a Remote Computer Screen hence can work with multiple machines.
  3. Has an efficient dedicated Bobbin winding motor.
  4. Includes an accurate thread cutter and therefore clean embroidered design results.
  5. Has a powerful motor that gives a resultant speed of 800 SPM
  6. This is a 4 needle embroidery machine.
  7. It comes with a bonus package of a Hat Hoop and Lettering Hoops.


  1. A reported broken needle upon arrival

NB: Buyers complained of it being refurbished. This should not worry you since, the machine undergoes rigorous tests to ensure quality in all its aspects, hence it might look used upon arrival, which is not the case.

Our final word on the Janome MB-4S Commercial Embroidery Machine

This is a top performing embroidery machine that shall see your home-based business succeed. Its amazing features are tested beforehand to ensure quality delivery. Being a digital device, most of the hard work is left for the machine while you invest your time in design creativity! Check out its latest price here.

3. Brother Embroidery Machine, PE800

The budget-friendly Brother Embroidery Machine, PE800 shall perform all your needed embroidery needs perfectly. This 21.8 X 19 X 19.1-inch embroidery machine model has a 15″ X 7″ embroidery area that is large enough for wide designs and lettering.

Its LCD display gives you an easy task by presenting your desired design for viewing, resizing to attain your perfect desired result. The 138 embroidery designs this model comes with shall kick start you with beautiful florals, kids and seasonal designs plus an additional 10 frame shapes with 14 stitch patterns and 11 built-in fonts. With an LED light to light up your embroidery area, be assured of producing accurate results.

An LCD touch display is included for easy settings and viewing of your design in its most clear status before the real embroidery process. Do you face hardship when threading your needles! I mean, the task gives me much headache with little to no success sometimes! But thanks to the automatic threading mechanism included in this model, all you got to do is: follow the instructions and let the embroider do the threading for you!

Talk about an easy-to-use machine and talk of the Brother Embroidery Machine, PE800. What I’m saying is that this machine comes with a ready-to-read, how-to tutorial that you easily access through its LCD display. An included USB port and memory allow you to keep your designs and transfer designs from external sources.


  1. Easy to use with an available digital tutorial.
  2. It comes with a touch LCD display therefore easy control.
  3. Includes an LED light hence lights up your embroidery machine needle area.
  4. 138 built-in embroidery designs
  5. It has a USB port plus a built-in memory for storing your designs.
  6. It’s s automatic threader threads your needle hassle-free.


  1. No downs are experienced, the embroider lives to its promises.

A final word on the Brother Embroidery Machine, PE800

This simple easy to use embroidery machine is cheap but performs wonders with its resultant embroidered designs. This is perfect for a beginner who wants to taste out the waters in the home-based embroidery business. Check out its price here.

Best Embroidery Machine for Home Business- Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does it cost to start a home-based embroidery business?

Answer: The most costly thing you shall need is an embroidery machine whose cost ranges from $400-$10,000. If you are just trying the waters, we advise that you go for a cheaper model to start you off. You shall also need to buy additional tools and implements like Threads, needles, fabric, software, digitizer, stabilizers and more according to your business needs.

After setting up your embroidery business, you shall need some advertising to make viable customers know that you offer the service. Set a budget for all these needs according to the size of the business you are planning to start.

Question: Can I use an embroidery machine to sew?

Answer: Yes, an embroidery machine, depending on the model can embroid and sew at the same time. A combo machine such as the Janome Memory craft 1400 sewing and embroidery machine can work this out perfectly.

Question: Which is the best embroidery machine for beginners?

Answer: If you are a beginner, you should go for a basic and budget machine such as the Brother Embroidery Machine, PE800. This shall handle your start as you learn and get better. Once you are well versed with the home embroidery business, you can go for a better costlier machine such as the Janome Memory craft 1400.

Question: What should I consider in an ideal embroidery machine for a home business?

Answer: There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best embroidery machine.

First, an ideal machine should be digitalized, with the ability to use software to embroid. This shall help you a great deal, especially for a stater. A digital machine such as the Janome MB-4S Commercial Embroidery Machine shall embroider a design automatically as ordered by you using an easy-to-use LCD touch display.

The second is your intended business space. If you have lots of space, you can go for a large multifunctional machine but for a limited space, you shall have to go for a smaller machine.

The cost is a crucial factor to consider especially when you are running on a limited budget. Just make sure the machine you choose meets all your business and budget needs. Do not take a poor machine at the expense of your budget.


The above three are the best embroidery machines for your home business. They are easy to use, durable and highly versatile embroidery machines hence bond to shall serve your clients’ different needs to the fullest.

Consider your budget to choose from the recommended models. Remember, the more the features, the more the functionality of a model, so choose wisely and don’t compromise your function needs at the expense of your budget. Be assured of the quality delivery of our selected embroidery machines. We wish you a successful home embroidery business.

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