5 Best Towable Tubes – lively and secure water leisure

Whether you are an adult or a child, being an enthusiast of water gaming is not complete until you have the best towable tubes.

Tubes have a unique manner of making water gaming and sporting a whole new amazing thing. A quality tube should be made out of good material, strong enough to avoid leaks, safe and many more features as we are going to discuss below.

Skiing, towing and many other water gaming activities are a bit challenging to learn. Towing especially can be challenging to beginners, but hash! The secret that keeps me ahead is knowing that having a quality towable tube makes you learn first, safe and the right way. So who is ahead between the airhead and the Sportsstuff super mable? You might be surprised to discover new handy and better but less spoken brands! Let’s get the real stuff:

1. Wow World of Watersports, Big Bubba Hi-Visibility Towable Deck Seat

Wow World of Watersports, Big Bubba

What places this model at the top is not its high price but the quality and safety it comes with. This model rocks the waters with the high VIS graphics that make its final coat. Other than that sporty good looking, these graphics ensure your safety by ensuring high visibility from long distances. The well-developed backrest and sidewalls of this model ensure your kid stays safe while enjoying the waters with you.

Being a cockpit model, you have the options to safely sit in the cockpit, on the edges or even kneel to see fast approaching clear horizon. You can choose which size best fits your needs. That is a one to two-seater for a single to two riders, and more capacity carriers as riders increase. In case you are worn out and no longer need towing for the day, this tube converts to a perfect floating tube to relax on!

This durable model is made from heavy-duty PVC bladder and nylon cover which enable it to slither the tough waters for as long as you live! If you have used towing tubes before, you know how rough the waters might be, this model ensures the least discomfort to the rider as possible. The model features comfy EVA foam pads in the cockpit seats for easy sitting or kneeling. After you’re safely kneeling or sitting, there are 6 flat handles and 12 double webbing foam handles to hold onto in preparation for the rocking.

This model comes with both front and back tow points which are reinforced to live against the strain expected at the connection points.


  1. Cockpit model safe for children and adults.
  2. Made of Heavy-duty PVC bladder and nylon cover for high durability
  3. Includes comfy EVA foam pads for added comfortability
  4. Has EZ tow connectors for easy and fast connection
  5. Sturdy handles for holding on tight
  6. A final finish of high VIS graphics for better visibility in the waters.


  1. This is, as expected, a costly model due to the quality of its make.
  2. Needs additional parts to ride in the chariot style

A Final word on

Quality comes with a price. If you are interested in getting the best towable tube that shall last to serve the leisure part of you and your kids, then Wow World of Watersports.  Let your kiddy stay safe in a vessel that is highly visible in the waters. Check out the latest price on amazon

2. Sportsstuff Super Mable | 1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating

Sportsstuff Super Mable

To make a runner up for the Wow World of Watersports, a model got to have the qualities of the Sportsstuff Super Mable towable tube for boating. I shall honorably start with the Kwiki connect feature, conveniently and securely slide the end of the tow rope to pass through the center of your Kwiki connect then pass it to the end and finally lock it.

To have the best time towing in a tube behind a boat, you need to experience all the sitting, lying and chariot style positions. This model comes with connection points at both ends, with the comfy backrest, you can sit and kneel as per your needs. Rough waters aren’t that easy to deal with from a tube, secure towing starts with the double webbing foam handles with knuckles that provide you a turdy place to securely hold.

Colour shades have an impression they create. The graphics on the Sportsstuff Super Mable are described as, and really look dressed to impress. And, did I forget about the included EVA seat pads, they improve the comfy feeling and enable you to sit for a longer time in your towable tube.

This model keeps your kid safe with its sidewalls, the point that the manufacturer included models with different capacities, you can have your whole family enjoying towing together if you prefer so.


  1. This model allows for a capacity of up to 3 people
  2. Heavy-duty nylon cover for enhanced durability
  3. This model contains a speed safety valve that allows for easy and faster inflating and deflating
  4. Dual tow points for a full experience.


  1. A customer complained of it wearing out after just one season. This warns any new buyer of the keeping practices. A towable tube needs to be deflated and dried well before keeping, this way it shall not rot away.

A final word

For families planning to spend their summertime at the beach and have some fun playing water games, then the Sportsstuff Super Mable is the tube for you. With its ease of use from connecting to storing, this model shall last long to serve you not only this summer but also multiple others to come. Just make sure you wash it clean, dry then pack well before storage to avoid losing your capital. Check its latest price here.

3. Sportsstuff Wet-N-Wild Flyer

Sportsstuff Wet-N-Wild Flyer

For a team that wants to go surfing, look no further than this 4 rider Sportsstuff Wet-N-Wild flyer towable tube. On top of its spacious design, this model shall last long due to the full durable nylon cover. With the non-slip padded handles, this mode lets all of you have a strong yet comfortable point to hold onto for security.

Be it sporting or just for leisure purposes, the EVA foam pads make you sit comfortably and safe from skin irritations such as chafing. The easy rope connecting to the boat is guaranteed by the Kwiki connect design. During summer, traffic in water bodies is usually high, the highly visible graphics on this best towable tube model shall let your team easily visible by other water users from far.

This model also comes with a speed safety valve for easy inflating and deflating and hence easy and safe handling.


  1. A large capacity of up to 4 riders.
  2. Highly visible graphics for secure towing
  3. Has a Kwiki connect design connecting point for easy and secure rope connection.
  4. Includes comfortable padded handles for secure holding.


  1. This is a big rider and therefore, it is large and heavy presenting a challenge in keeping and transp[orting.

A final word on Sportsstuff Wet-N-Wild Flyer

This model specifically merits due to its ability to handle up to four people. With this, large families, teams of friends or even sporting partners are sorted. You shall enjoy all the other good features like cushion padding and the Kwiki connect design connection point. Check out its latest price here.

4. WOW World of Watersports Big Ducky best towable tubes

WOW World of Watersports Big Ducky

When you believe in investing in the best when it comes to your leisure accessories, then the WOW World of Watersports Big Ducky’s high price won’t worry you. Instead, you shall get charmed by the elegant design of this model. It is designed in the shape of a duck and can carry up to 3 people such that one sits on the slightly raised back of the duck while the two wings provide for space for the other two.

Challenges are what bring fun into activities, this model is challenging to ride and needs a little bit of skill. When you want to experience the waters in a whole new way, the pretty quality WOW World of Watersports Big Ducky towable tubes give you more than expected. Soft EVA pads are available on the seats to avoid chafing and improve the riding experience.

The HI-VIS COLOR DESIGN has color patterns that trigger excitement and pump up adrenaline for the amazing experience. On top of the excitement function, this color is bright and highly visible to act as indicators for other vessels.


  1. Can handle up to 3 people
  2. The seats have comfy EVA foam pads.
  3. HI-VIS color design enables easy visibility to avoid accidents.
  4. This model is elegant and looks really good.


This is an expensive model. However, its quality standards demand even more capital.

A final word on WOW World of Watersports

This is specially meant for those who like standing out. The design and functionality of this expensive model make it stand out from the rest to give you a memorable water gaming summer. Check out its latest price here.

5. Airhead Hot Dog – Best for your budget.

Airhead Hot Dog

For those who need their experience spiced up a little bit, towing on a horseback shaped towable tube might add up to the thrill. The Airhead Hot Dog comes in to break the monotony and give a team of up to 2 a horse ride on the water. You just have to easily connect this towable tube using the Kwiki connect mechanism and get your boat rider take to the waters.

From the photo, you can testify about the sturdy well developed cushioned handles, so you got a strong rein for your “water horse” The sporty graphics finish on the Airhead Hot Dog towable tube for boating gives the best authentic experience while at the same time serving as indicators for the towable tubes’ location in water.

The seats for this boat are not left to irritate your skin, comfy pads give you the best feeling when seated or kneeling. A full heavy-duty cover makes this model thrive in the hard water. I shall be out of point by failing to mention the Boston valve which easily lets you inflate or deflate your Hot Dog towable tube.


  1. Includes the patented Kwiki connect for fast and easy connection
  2. Seat pads make your seating experience even better.
  3. You got the cushioned handles to hold onto.
  4. Inflating and deflating has never been as easy as they are with the Boston valve


Customers complained of it deflating after just a few uses. Poor handling of a towable tube can make it last an hour, however, better handling practices make your purchase work for you.

A final word on Airhead Hot Dog towable tube

For those who last for a new experience, this best towable tubes model comes in to offer you a “water riding experience.” With the padding, this model holds up to two people which would be great for children or couples. Though with some little defects, this model shall perform pretty well for its affordable price.

Buying Guide – What makes up the best towable tubes?

The quality of a tube is defined by its features. For instance, a handy tube must be easy to inflate and deflate and much more that we cover below.

1. Safety

You are going to ride in a water body. You do not have to take a chance for you and your family or friends, therefore, safety should come as your number one priority. Ensure that the tube you go for cater for the age of your intended users. For children, tubes with backrests are the best. Check to ascertain that the tube you are about to purchase has got safe holding straps.

You cannot be so sure, hence always ensure that you got life-saving jackets bought alongside your towable tube. Keep those you care about safe by disinfecting the tube after every expedition before keeping.

2. Consider the Quality and ease of handling

Remember, you are gonna use your tube in rough water and sometimes for high speeds. Ensure that you go for a quality tube that shall be able to serve you long in the waters. Quality tubes are made from PVC bladders and high-quality nylon.

The model you go for should give you easy handling features such as deflating and easy keeping. The towing ropes that attach the tube to the boat should be of high quality. Too much strain in the waters makes these ropes highly susceptible to wear and tear, hence, you should go for heavy-duty makes.

3. The tube capacity

Your needs are what prompts you to buy a tube. You might be planning to purchase a tube for yourself, your family or even friends. The number of people expected to use this tube shall dictate the capacity to go for.

1. Single rider

Single riders can be fun for one person with the interest of going at high speed while pulling stunts and experimenting on high wave waters.

2. Double rider

Two sitters come with enough comfortability and entertainment for couples or any other twin riders. They allow you to sit comfortably upright while your back finds solace with the included backrest. This is ideal for children couples or any other two people who wanna have fun towing together.

3. Three rider

Three rider tubes can hold up to three people. You can imagine how good this tube can be for a small family or even a group of three friends and such. Most of this gives you the option to sit upright with your legs spread and have your tube pulled from the front or reversing it so that you rest on your knees.

4. Multi-rider

If you are planning to be having groups of more than four go towing, then you shall need a multi-rider towing tube. These ones are huge and can handle four and more people. Being large comes with a lot of disadvantages including added risk or the riders colliding. These tubes also need more maintenance and can easily spoil. Ensure that you have it go at a relatively low speed to avoid injuries.

Best Towable Tubes – (FAQs)

Question: What is a towable tube?

Answer: A towable tube is a water leisure equipment usually made from PVC or any other relevant material. The tube is made in such a way that it can be inflated and thereby float on water and also provides for space where one or more people, depending on the capacity, can sit. Some models have raised sides that create backrests for riders. This is usually dragged along by a boat and only the boat rider needs to have intensive skills.

Question: What are the safety measures to keep when using towable tubes?

Answer: A towable tube is always safe when you’re using it the right way. Ensure that you;

  • Read the instructions carefully before boarding that tube – Among the instructions, you shall find are warnings on what not to do, the recommended age of the users, the maximum weight the tube can handle and much more. Always ensure that you do not bridge any of the warnings or instructions since water can be a very harsh master if mishandled.
  • Be cautious of other boats and similar traffic – Remember that you are not alone in the waters. Ensure that you take note of the traffic ahead and behind you before trying wild towing styles such as zig-zagging.
  • Always wear protective personalized floating devices. Water can be harsh sometimes, especially when one is tossed into it without any protective clothing or accessory. It is also advisable that those on board should be able to swim, in case of an emergency, their skill might get them saved.

Question: Which is which, sitting or lying on a towable tube?

Answer: For low speed towing, you can sit upright on the towable tube, however, if the experience is expected to be of high speed and much experimentation, then it is advisable that you lie on your stomach and hold onto the tube tightly. High speeds are expected to cause bouncing of the tube, this makes your legs fly suddenly to hit your forehead or at least someone else.

Question: Can the best towable tubes cause injury?

Answer: Yes they can. At high and careless speeds, many accidents are likely to happen. Two tubes from different boats might collide with each other, sometime people of the boat might hit each other and cause injury.


Summer is always tough on unprepared individuals. When that sun heats enough to boil brains, then water gaming is the deal. The above reviewed towable tubes shall satisfy the needs of towable tubes enthusiasts from an individual, families, and teams.

Specifically, the Wow World of Watersports, Big Bubba shall work great for both children and adults and also lasts longer. The Sportsstuff Wet-N-Wild Flyer shall come in handy for teams. The classy class shall go for Big Ducky while those running on a budget can have the Airhead Hot Dog.

Carefully consider your needs before you choose the best towable tubes for your water gaming this summer. Wish you all the best.

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