Best Telescopes For Kids (2020)

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It is very alright for young kids especially, school going kids in kindergarten to be inquisitive. Most of their questions are just factual and need correct answers. Now that you consider quenching your kid’s thirst for knowing what the far horizon contains, then the best telescopes for kids shall sort you out.

Sometimes it is good to leave your kids to discover by themselves with little guidance. This can only be achieved if you provide the simple but necessary equipment, a telescope being above the list.

Geographical phenomenon revolves around so many mysteries. The solar system and other heavenly bodies might get your son or daughter with so many puzzles in their minds, that if unsolved end up leaving a kid to develop an attitude towards school work that relates to Geography, and this is why the telescope for kids was created. The only unique thing about a telescope is that it makes things that far away appear as if they were inches away.

Before you impulsively think to buy one for your kid, below is a key to the best telescopes for kids.

They are divided into three categories depending on the specs and how the tube is made.

1. Refractor telescopes.

This is a simple model of telescopes and can be used for more than one activity hence advantageous. Since it can project objects that are on the air and on the ground, you can use this in watching birds fidget in the evening.

2. Reflector microscope.

These ones are a little bit modified. For instance, it contains a mirror in between the lenses in order to make the resolution of the images highly defined. It can also be used on longer focal lengths with clear images still.

3. Compound telescopes.

This is a superior dual combination of mirrors and lenses. This one renders this type of kids’ telescope fully efficient and might not be used by very young children. It can collectively do what the other two models can, but this time around with fully defined images. Just like the refractor telescopes it can be used on both earth and space objects.

Are you ready to buy the best telescopes for kids?

If so, we are going to weigh the pros and cons of typical products on amazon according to the age of your child.

Telescopes for kids aged between 4-7 years

  1. Thames and Kosmos TK1
  2. Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope
  3. Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope

Telescopes for Kids aged between 7- 15 years of age.

  1. TwinStar 50mm Refractor Kids Pak Bundle
  2. MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope

1. Thames and Kosmos TK1 – The top best telescopes for kids

This model can be the very beginning of your kid’s astronomy journey. This is specifically for entry-level since it is coated with optic glass to define the kids view in a better way, in fact, according to the technicians who came up with this model of kid’s telescope one can easily see all the heavenly bodies that include; Planets such as mercury and Venus and seemingly an infinite number of stars.

It is specially made with 10/8 aluminum,  which is light but strong. This aids in the mobility of the tripod and the telescope itself.

In it is a special fitting known as the Achromatic lenses whose main work is to regulate the color intensity of the objects under view. How does this take place? The lens is fabricated in a way that it can manipulate distorted wavelengths to facilitate clear objects.

The reason why this is one of the best telescopes for kids between the age of 4-7 years is that it comes with all appliances to make work easier for kids. Again it comes with an astronomy book that is a self-reliable resource for a learning kid.

The Thames And Kosmos TK1 is a scientific kid’s telescope, one of a kind with outstanding features as listed below ;

  1. 2x Barlow lens and the Altazimuth1.5 lens
  2. 2 eyepieces, 20 and 10 mm.
  3. Diagonal mirror.
  4. Finder scope 5x, 24mm
  5. Dew shield.


  1. A reflecting mirror ensures that the quality of the object’s image is clear.
  2. A dew shield ensures that things work out even with the extremes of weather. You can easily get this model of best kid’s telescope working at dawn, even from your doorsteps.
  3. Dual lenses and eyepieces, optimize the chances of having the best output.
  4. Made with the 10/8 quality of aluminum that assures a user of just enough shelf life, but guaranteed mobility.


  1. One cannot attach any other device such as phone, thus rendering it a physical reference material that cannot be carried elsewhere or for future reference.

2. Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope

This is a combination of two lenses, a  high power lens 20 mm and a low power lens  10mm. This photodynamics ensures that there is viewing irrespective of the time of the day or the amount of light.

How is this?

In the event of an electricity shortage, you can use the low power lens until the power is back. The low power lens only functions with little light whereas the high power lens only functions in all conditions but best with bright light.

It is designed to have diagonal lying between the telescope and the eyepiece in order to guarantee focus and comfort during viewing. It is done to 45o and in a rectangular shape.

If you are keen you can easily note that this model of Kid’s telescope is made to ease the work of the operator. This one implies that it is made to endure the fumbling of an amateur. It gives you a reason to add this to your cart if at all your kid is 4-7  years of age.

The Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope comes with a backup kit, with all the necessary replaceable parts. It comes with an application that helps group stars by their galaxies and patterns alongside all the other heavenly bodies.

It is mounted with a small scope at the top to enable the kid to identify minute objects that cannot be seen from the main scope.

Its tripod can be adjusted, from 22 inches to 55 inches depending on the focal length. The tripod is also made of aluminum for portability and durability.

The tripod is mounted with a panhandle that lets you rotate the telescope to any angle of satisfaction.

This is where the Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope comes in as the second-best telescope for kids.


  1. A finder scope that enables a kid to view small objects.
  2. An easy to use and assemble the model.
  3. An adjustable aluminum tripod stand.
  4. 10 and 20 mm lenses to facilitate viewing at all light conditions.


It cannot be used by professional astronomers.

3. Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope

Other telescopes may have means of mobility but not as Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope. It is made in a way that one can easily unpack it and carry it inside of a backpack from place to place making it one of the best telescopes for kids.

For a curios Kid, he or she can easily carry it to the streets, to the backyard and other destinations, no surprise, it even comes with a backpack. This model is 3.5 lbs.meaning even a kid can carry it. The knapsack can hold with ease the telescope and its accessories.

Did I just say even the tripod fits? Then you know.

This is one of the best contenders of the 21stcentury since it comes along with a moon map that enables one to identify specifically what part of the moon he is viewing. It contains  2 eyepieces  10 mm 25 mm that outputs between 16-40 power control sees.

With the tripod’s height of 7.5 ft.this telescope can be used to see along 400mm focal length.


  1. Knapsack for mobility
  2. A moon map to Act as a reference basis for Kids.
  3. Easy to dismantle and assemble.
  4. It is light 3.5 lbs. hence it can be carried by a kid.


  1. Its image clarity is not comparable to the rest.

Best telescopes for kids between  7-15 years.

1. TwinStar 50mm Refractor Kids Pak Bundle

This one is meant for those kids who know what they want and are already contented with astronomy. As a matter of fact, this model is inbuilt with, a handy satellite card.

If all you intended is a gift for your early teenager then this is the best combo. It comes along with just enough reference material and a fantasy star pilot youngster kit.

It may be cliché, but for Twin Star 50mm Refractor Kids Pak Bundle I cannot fail to remind you that, this is easy to use and assemble model, that requires just a little bit of coordination in order to achieve.

Its tube length is larger as compared to all of the above. These dynamics transform into outstanding metrics such as 600mm focal length. The two enclosed eyepieces can magnify up to 48 times and 30 times.

The reason why I recommend this telescope is that it is made of ultra-light material that makes it easy for kids to carry.

It is also fabricated to make 5 minutes ‘’point and shoot’’ image capture. This model is specifically designed for high rise dwellers, mountain dwellers, and bird watching. The metal stack is quickly adjustable to guarantee results from all the heights.


  1. Automatic  image capture
  2. Provides a larger focal length.
  3. Easy to assemble and dismantle.
  4. Enclosed satellite card.


  1. It is made of metal hence it is heavier than all the other products described above.
  2. It is not easy to use it in lowlands.

2. MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope

A list is not complete until the MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope is on it. This is the buyer’s choice especially, to a teenager who is an enthusiast of the universe and celestial bodies. The buyers recommend this as it comes with multiple other accessories to make one experience the best.

The massive aperture objective lens has an output of 70 mm and is a separate lens that is installed in order to polish the images to clarity. It also has a separate mounting eyepiece that supplements those that are available.

Alongside that,  the normal lenses have been added to  3 to cater to diverse needs. For instance, a high power lens (6mm), a low power lens (20) additionally, a middle size power lens has been initiated for you in order to contrast between images that are taken the different power lenses.

To sum up, all this model comes with a pair of compact binoculars with a magnification power of  21×8.

The binoculars can be used separately or together with the telescope. They can be used for bird watching during traveling, moon watching, star viewing and many more other activities where binoculars are required.

With this one has a reason to consider this telescope as a present for a kid and a teenager.


  1. It comes with a separate pair of compact binoculars. This is for detailed viewing.
  2. It contains three lenses in order to optimize the chances of viewing clearly.
  3. It has a separate, massive aperture objective lens whose aim is to correct the image clarity, in case of light interruption.
  4. The very powerful magnification power of 6mm.
  5. It contains a separate mountable eyepiece that optimizes the chances of producing a clear image.


  1. The pair of binoculars only operates at a fixed 7.2 o.

Buying guide – What should you consider when buying the best telescopes for kids?

1. Purpose Of Making A Purchase

It is very important that you know why you are buying something. Some of these purchases can be aligned with events such as birthdays, weddings, valentine’s day and many more. If you are buying a present for any of this event, especially the telescope for kids, then your purchase needs to be flashy and appealing.

For our case, we need a telescope for a kid then, most definitely, it needs to be small and portable that a kid can carry. The product also needs to be colorful since kids love colors.

2. Budget

When at the store, avoid impulse and stick to your budget. This is healthy for your pocket. Sometimes you might have underestimated or overestimated the value of telescope. A person who has a budget is one who knows exactly what he or she needs and hence made major steps towards perusing a thoroughly on a  price list on the market. For such cases, you shall need some adjustment to your budget depending on how you find it.

You can also change the mind on the type of product you had perceived before.

3. Equipment And Material

The material used to make the telescope for kids is a key factor. This is because the equipment is supposed to be used by kids. Aluminum is normally light and a substitute to so many other alloys. On my list, I have tried to select only those products made out of aluminum. The correct strength of aluminum that is to be used for quite some time is 10/8 hardened aluminum.

Alongside mobility, you should also ensure that what you are buying is worthwhile. In my case, I chose aluminum since it is hardened to stand the taste of time.

4. Value

The best way to determine the product’s market value is by engaging with regular buyers. This is to avoid exploitation and price hypes. The products listed on this review have been examined and proven to be the actual values of the best telescopes for kids. Any other product that has not been covered on the list, you can relate the value of any of the products that seem familiar to one of our selected products.

I can always guarantee that there is always something for someone.

The amount of money you have right now can buy a telescope, the only question at this point is what specifications you need. If you need more specs then you need to save a little bit.

Don’t always forget to check out chances for coupons and offers. They make a product way cheaper than you can imagine.

5. Lenses

Different telescopes come with different types and sizes of lenses. For a good telescope, it must be 10x magnification power and below in order for you to make successful operations.

For the aperture lenses, the right least dimension is 2.8 inches. Also, the openings on both ends should matter to you since the smaller the opening the more light you control and the more your images are clear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need a telescope for your kids?

Educational experts can tell you that Kids learn well through practicums, rather than relying on dry facts. Providing your kid with a telescope puts him or her steps ahead of the rest since they rely on firsthand information.

It materializes heavenly bodies like stars supernovas to an extent that a kid gets to synchronize with the universe and create a boundless interaction with the universe.

It enables to develop an inbuilt interest and curiosity that sends your kids into getting to a technical field in career especially, Meteorology.

For Research

It is important that a normal person does research before ruling out on major hypotheses. Such should be the case, especially for amazon products. This is because there are millions and millions of similar products, making a hasty decision might lead you into  “I wish I knew ” after doing an expensive purchase while there was a similar cheap one.

Always keep the keyword in mind to avoid straying or losing focus or even end up an impulsive buyer.


With all the time taken to go through these products, most of them physically assessed, I would like to come out clear that, it is not easy to source a product, from online shops like Amazon. This is because they contain millions of product and thus hundreds of thousands may be related to our product. With this review, comes a key, that typically guides you through the process of picking a product that best fits your needs.

I may not try to influence your purchase, but only make a recommendation on a product I purchased and it has never failed me till today.

I could recommend, the Maxusee 70mm Refractor Telescope, since it has so many collateral advantages, such as the separate binoculars, the massive aperture objective, standard tripod stand, separate mounting eyepieces, and many more advantages. This price is absolutely unbelievable hence cost-effective. It is also easy to use especially if you are buying it for your kid.

Its focal length is 400 mm, this one is similar to other best telescopes for kids together with all its accessories.

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