7 Best Shaved Ice Machines (2020)

A craving for ice with the best shaved ice machine in summer is one of the favors one can ever come across.

Repeated purchase of economic packs of cultured flavors become expensive, especially for those who have kids know what this means.

With this another question arises;

How does someone preserve and cone ice effectively with hygiene and measured output?

And this is where the best shaved ice machine comes in. With a  shaved ice machine one can always purchase the ice in bulk and dispense it just around the living room or the kitchen.

One needs at least one machine in his house in order to experience life to its fullest. What does this mean?

An ideal machine makes your amazing ice into, slushies’,  snow cones, margaritas and snowballs whereby it depends on the level of fluff to make it cool stuff.

The best machine that we shall examine grossly makes your ice fluffy, soft, and easy to dissolve in the mouth.

 Serve’s both domestic and commercial purposes depending on the specs and the capability to handle just enough syrup.

 the shaved ice machine is for those who need to add glamour to life and add more fun, since it can, add alternative flavors to ice and to spare you the stick hands during traditional ice mixing.

One on one let’s look at the best models based on reviews and feedback of buyers on  Amazon and other shops.

1. Costzon Electric Stainless Steel Ice Shaver Machine


On a light note, this model is easy to clean and rust-free model, all thanks to the stainless steel.

Costzon Electric is made unique to double standards, hence it can perform twice as much as an ordinary machine, it is therefore recommended for huge duties like parties, home gatherings, smack stands and all other commercial ice-related vending.

Costozon electric can crush really huge blocks of ice, do you know why?

This is because it has double blades that enable it to do an extra task as compared to the ordinary ones, did you know how serious metrics these dynamics transmit?

400 lbs crushing capacity and the speed of rotation of 1400 runs per minute make it run as fast as the fastest motor.

With all these complex features, modest, this is a simple and user-friendly model that can be interpreted to be operated by a layman.

Another feature is that the drainage is really wow! since it has an inbuilt drainage set that comprises of, a perforation with a pipe connected to it enables you to release the melting ice.


  1. Contains a definite drainage system .
  2. The model is the people’s favorite.
  3. Serve’s both industrial and domestic purposes
  4. Able to convert ice to snow without melting.
  5. The carrying capacity of the container is big.


  1. Since the artisans of this model have taken keen details about drainage, it contains flaws that require constant adjustment. One of the buyers proposed that it maybe made in a slanting position.

2. ZENY Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shaver

ZENY Commercial

Do you mind your safety?

This is where you should be. The Zeny Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shaver is indeed your thing.

The model is one of the best-shaved ice machines that put on an effort to endorse your safety. What do I mean?

An exclusive plastic material shield that keeps your hands off the fast running blades.

Energy-saving features save you extra bucks that you would have spent on electricity.

The other pro feature is that it makes 2500 runs per minute with a crushing capacity of 440 lbs per hour making it a little bit higher than the Costzon Electric for those who are looking for an economic machine.

Most components of this model of best-shaved ice machine are made of stainless steel, these components are the hopper, casing base, bowl, and the rotating blades.

So basically I round up this product into an easy to use, high speed and suitable for commercial and industrial use.


  1. High speed.
  2. With this model, forget about additional shopping thanks to the included pack of accessories.
  3. Simple finish with easy to use features.
  4. Most parts are made with stainless steel, that guarantees easy cleaning and a rust-free environment.
  5. You get a complete user manual and a one year warranty.


  1. This model of ice shavers produce quite a critical amount of noise, I can recommend that the noise is worth it since the motors run quite fast to pursue quite a substantial amount of work as we’ve seen above.

3. Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia SCM502

This is where those who need an ice shaver but got little money come in. If all you need is domestic ice shaving and other basic activities like adding flavors and crushing small amounts of ice, then Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage is for you.

As I had said before, this is for domestic purposes hence it comes with a friendly package for home parties with the capacity of up to 20 cones.

Accessories and supplements are;

  1. Snowcone cups
  2. Straws
  3. Cone syrup
  4. Snowcone kits.

So when you have small parties, don’t hesitate to check in, for this model normally for 20 people.

And did we just say that the cones are reusable? here we go.


  1. The model spare’s you and your family members the noisy environment caused by other models of ice shavers.
  2. Due to its small size, it takes very little space, the second reason why you should consider this an appropriate home fancy appliances.
  3. This is easy to use as it is formulated to meet accident-free conditions.


  1. The action of this model of an ice shaver relies on the lock on the lid.
  2. If not engaged correctly it cannot work hence waiting and repeating the process can be of a little bit nuisance.  

4. Great Northern Shaved Ice Machine

Great Northern Premium Quality

This is one of the finest premiums with the capability to handle heavyweight operations, like industrial and commercial purposes with the inbuilt heavyweight motors that run them.

Stainless steel is cliché in this field, but you got to know that for this field it is a little bit different since it comes with a substantial amount of brass finish, this one tells you to the crudeness and bulk of duties ready to be undertaken by this model, brass is too strong.

For its monotonous operations, its blades are fully replaceable and made of stainless steel, due to its nature of work.

Since it has very sharp blades it should be kept away from kids while being used at home, alternatively, it has a full plastic cover to keep you protected while using it from home.

The machine comes with a year warranty and a user manual. This is a good business investment since it guarantees performance.

The price is equally proportional to the machine since it is worth every cent against it.


  1. Heavy commercial operations.
  2. Replaceable blades.
  3. Strong blades made of stainless steel.
  4. Premium finish with stainless steel and a fine selection of brass for high durability.


  1. Maintaining the Northern Premium Machine can be a hell of time or even require a technician due to its crude mechanical nature.

5. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

This is one of the handy and best-shaved ice machines I have come across in the market so far.

You can dismantle it part by part when doing maintenance and cleaning it.

Easy to handle at home since it’s simple to operate.

The reason why it is specifically meant for home use is that it simply takes 120v hence spare you the power bills.

This model has a precise engine that can be dismantled when not in operations for a long time. This is for secure storage.

Since it is small-sized and handy, this model can be used in an office that is stuck to prepare your snow cones and slushies.

Shaved ice margaritas remain can be removed by allowing it to melt or even turning it upside down in order to let off the ice.

The included simplicity and security features render it easy to use even by the children by themselves. So if you want it to give your children a treat, you know where to go.


  1. Precise engine for easy dismantle and secure storage when not in use.
  2. Small and handy, thus it consumes a little space in your kitchen leaving the rest of it to you for your normal kitchen operations.
  3. Easy to operate.
  4. Cost-effective.


  1. This shaved ice machine can only be used for domestic and small scale use.

6. Little Snowie 2 Premium Shaved Ice Machine

Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver

This model is made to fit a normal human environment e.g. office at home and for short term use like barbeques and even parties.

It can turn ice to fluff in less than 30 seconds while it can produce two at a time, so if you want to give the kids a treat for a lifetime, buy this at home as a present and the kids shall never forget this day. One can also put ice in, without pre-freezing or doing anything.

The Little Snowie contains 30 + hardened stainless steel blades that guarantee you a bit more work before they break down.

For those looking for finer details, the motor of this model is so powerful that it can give 3 seconds turn to produce a fully flavored cone.


  1. Stronger blades guarantee a longer shelf life.
  2. Instantly produces ice cones with a turnaround of 3 seconds.
  3. A handy product to be used from any point, mind you even the office.
  4. Finally, it comes with, 6 free bottles of syrup samples, reusable spoons (8)


  1. You will have to wipe off the drops of ice leftovers since they keep on dropping.

7. Waring Pro SCM100 Professional Snow Cone Maker

Waring Pro SCM100 Professional

This one is for those who know what they want, it is for those who are a little bit mindful about the budget whereas they need a fancy and cool looking stuff. The Waring Pro SCM100 Professional Snow Cone Maker is built with a down holder with a pull tray that enables it to double fold cones.

This one is simply portable wherever you go partying. You can always turn on the kid safety mode that keeps the condition of the machine easy to handle by a kid without hurting them, this through the kid-friendly carnival construction and the interlock safety that ensures full protection.

The speed is quite commendable and leaves you with an endpoint of cool ice cones for you to prove.

The reason why you shall never get disappointed with this machine is that it has built with state of the art technology and most durable material to give it a universal device.

This is for those people who need the best ice shaved machine that has a blend of industrial and commercial features together with domestic feature while the cost is so friendly.


  1. comes in flashy color varieties like red and grey.
  2. This model’s engine has a design that makes it easy to remove and fix hence easy maintenance and cleaning.


Even with its fabulous performance, it does not come with a warranty to back up its integrity.

What to look when buying the machine:

1. Cost

The cost of the product is very vital when it comes to the market, as there is always something for everyone.

If you have just enough money, you can go the spec way where you weigh all the pro features of the products in the market and select one that fits your budget. All the products we have reviewed above have effective and considerate prices with no price inflations.

If you have little money but in search of the best shaved ice machine for your price and you still need some of the pro features, you can always opt for the Little Snowie 2 Premium Shaved Ice Machine.

2. Purpose

If the machine is destined for heavyweight duties, one needs to go for features such as a strong blade since monotonous industrial activities are bound to wear and tear. The material used should favor the nature of the conditions for all your commercial purposes.

 But as expected there are those who require something between a commercial product and one for domestic use. This review gives you a mighty insight on how to manage the purchase.

3. Safety.

Children lie here. There are artisans who shall always dwell on improving security features including; the plastic guards that keep a user away from the sharp blades. So if you go to the market you should have your kids at heart for domestic users, and employees for commercial purposes.

4. Space of installation

Some of these best-shaved ice machines are too small to give you ample space while moving around your kitchen. While some are too big that they can fit in commercial spaces. It is upon the buyer to choose the best as there is variety in the market.

Some of these products are mobile that they can be moved from place to place. So, it can be used in different environments such as offices and also small kitchens.

5. The material of fabrication.

If what you are looking for is basically durability it is upon you to look at features such as products made from stainless steel and even brass. The blades of some of the products reviewed above are made of stainless steel thus guaranteeing the user maximum shelf life.


It can be a very big challenge to sourcing products from the market. If you consider the above review it is going to be so easy to get the right product for the right purpose at the right cost.

This is how easy it is; You go through product per product reviews, next you have a very beautiful buying guide if you further doubt on the performance of a product.

With all this, I am going to recommend the Costzon Electric Stainless Steel Ice Shaver Machine. This is the best of all and buyers’ favorite with a recommended cost efficiency.

The review has been done based on serial customer reviews on Amazon. We also did a customized analysis of their seller’s listed products therefore, any information should be taken with the seriousness it deserves towards the picking of the product that best fits your budget and feature needs.

The sellers are proven long-time sellers of the top best shaved ice machine and hence can be considered a reliable resource platform for the sellers and the buyers to help a contending buyer, hence this guide’s objective is to give you the buyer an optimum insight towards a successful lead.

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