The Best Heat Guns For Your Project (2020)

With the constant improvement of technology, heat guns have improved in terms of the duties they can handle. Some of the best heat guns have the capability to handle, plastic welding, wood drying and also softening adhesives.

The wide variety and specialization of heat guns have made it hard to choose the best heat guns for a specific task. It needs an hour of research and interaction with this tool, a task we have already done for you!

After comprehensive research and testing of each of these guns, we came up with the years best review and guide for purchasing heat guns. With these guns, you get to save your money, and get quality, special, just for your next job.

Our favorite picks, at a glance:

  1. DEWALT Heat Gun
  2. PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun
  3. Wagner Heat gun
  4. Master Appliance Heat Gun
  5. Milwaukee Electric heat gun
  6. Hitachi heat gun.

1. Dewalt Hot gun (D26960K)

best heat gun
Dewalt heat gun in operation. Paint removal.

It’s qualities of being; Light, and a wide range of temperatures makes it the first choice. What is the best hot gun anyway? it is one with temperature control and also easy to handle.

This one is meant for powerful, heavy and safe operations. The range of operations it can tackle are:

  1. Heats from 150 to 1100 degrees F
  2. Its electric capacity is 1550 watts
  3. LCD display
  4. Control temperature at an interval of 50-degree increments.
  5. This Comes with 12 accessories for full production.
  6. It comes with a cord protector to ensure the code lasts.
  7. The hanging ring gives the best storing experience.
  8. It is the ideal gun for industrial & professional use.

Its downs;

  1. More expensive, compared to other heat gun brands, therefore, this might be a challenging factor, however, the features this heat gun holds matches its value.
  2. The limited temperature adjustment to intervals of 50 only, makes it a challenge when dealing with tasks that require a specific temperature.
  3. Works best for light construction, based on its wide range of temperatures and accessories. However, it cannot work for heavy industrial tasks that require controlled airflow.


Poter cable heat gun for your next project.
Porter heat gun.

Do you need to save money and at the same time get a heat gun that serves your purpose? Then you got to think about the Porter-Cable heat gun. It has the capability to handle a variety of tasks. On top of the qualities of the Dewalt, this one has got a distinct airflow controller.

The reason as to why this comes second is;

  1. Good control of airflow due to the high-speed fan it contains.
  2. Its temperature ranges from, approximately 120 to 1100 degrees F
  3. I have got distinct airflow, and temperature control and hence give space for a wide variety of tasks it can handle.
  4. Lightweight, hence, gives an advantage of easy handling and control.
  5. It has got an integrated stand which enables you to take breaks or work on another task while the gun rests.

The downs;

The integrated stand leaves the heat gun’s hot part on the air, this can easily cause accidental burns.

Unlike the Dewalt, the porter heat gun has got no extra accessories limiting the scope of tasks it can handle.

Cannot handle large industrial works for a long period of time, it is, however, the best for domestic uses.


The porter heat gun is a good product given its wide control features. However, it fails on the part of accessories such as nozzles, this explains why it comes second. It is though a handy heat gun when it comes to duties like;

  1. Paint stripping
  2. Window sealing
  3. Softening adhesives
  4. Works well for light commercial work, for instance; shrink wrapping and paint removal.
  5. Welding plastics.

3. Wagner heat gun ( HT1000 )

Wagner Spray tech heat gun

For the best budget lovers, here we come! The Wagner heat gun has got the qualities of, wide range temperature adjust-ability, enhanced airflow adjust-ability and can work on a variety of tasks. This heat gun is budget-friendly and can last for a good time.

Its temperature ranges from 750 ᵒ F and 1000 ᵒ F . Two fan speeds that enhance airflow control.

Enriched with a two-year insurance warranty that assures you years of use. The hanging hook shall come in handy when you want to store it away.


Nothing good however comes without a flow. The Wagner heat gun has got a low-temperature range, compared to the other heat guns discussed above. This explains why it comes third in our list.

It can be used in a variety of household tasks, those are;

  1. Softening paint.
  2. Caulking.
  3. Adhesive or putty for removal.
  4. Shrinkwrapping.
  5. Bending plastic pipes
  6. Loosening rusted nuts or bolts.

4. Master Appliance HG-751B

Master appliance heat gun
Master appliance.

Just like its name suggests, the master appliance can perform an array of both household and industrial tasks. It is the heaviest among this list, weighing up to three pounds. This American made hot air gun has got a high-speed universal motor for the best airflow.

The rubber base back makes it the ideal gun to use if you really care about safety. It’s heating elements and motor brushes are easily replaceable during maintenance. The integrated stand makes it easy to use. It also got a cooling feature.

This heat gun heats up very fast, and hence fast and efficient work. It is heavily built for professional use, however, it can perform other simple tasks.

This is the recommended industrial use of heat gun.

The below high-quality features;

comes with a price, and that is one thing to consider. But why pay less for poor quality that shall be even more expensive in the long run. If you are planning to use your heat gun for heavy commercial purposes, then this is the heat gun for you!

  1. Industrial quality with powerful high-speed universal motor, rugged die-cast aluminum housing and attached rubber-base back for hands-free use.
  2. Ideal for activating adhesives, bending plastics, Thawing frozen pipes, removing dents in fiberglass, shrinking heavy-gauge shrink-packaging, stretching vinyl and more.
  3. Easily replaceable reinforced mica-insulated ceramic heating elements and motor brushes for user-friendly maintenance.
  4. 6 ft., 3-wire grounded corset made with flexible, oil and sunlight resistant rubber jacket
  5. Temperature and power ratings: up to 1000-Degree Fahrenheit/540-Degree Celsius at 17400-Watts. Assembled in the USA using foreign and domestic parts.

5. Milwaukee cordless hot air heat gun 2688-20

Milwaukee Electric tools heat gun.
Milwaukee cordless heat gun

It does not use a cord and instead uses a battery, hence the best for remote use.

This is a cordless hot air heat gun, made for both professional and domestic use. This brand heats fast, heating coil reaches optimum temperatures within 7 seconds.

  • Compact design for easy use in tight spaces
  • Powered by Xc 5.0 battery
  • Reaches operational temperature in just 7 seconds
  • Overall length: 6.4”
  • Built-in LED light illuminates the work area

Some of its advantages are;

It is easy to handle since there is no code involved. It can be used from any place since it uses a battery and therefore can work on the absence of electricity.

If you look at its shape, it is intentionally made to comfortably fit the hand and therefore easy usage in places with limited space.

Due to the above features, which allow for remote usage, this heat gun’s price is a bit higher compared to the other ones. The batteries used also, are multiple and do not last long. If you are planning to take tasks involving a heat gun in areas with poor or no electricity connectivity, then I would strongly recommend that you use the Milwaukee cordless heat gun.

6. Hitachi RH650V Heat Gun

Hitachi: Cheap and handy.

Looking for a heat gun that gives you, almost, full control? That shall serve your purpose, then the Hitachi heat gun is the best for you.

This heat gun is a little bit costlier compared to the others. This might be explained by the many accessories it comes with. It has a wide temperature range and control, making it applicable to a variety of tasks. Its well-developed handle makes it easy to handle, and an integrated stand for easy handling during breaks.

The rapid cooling function reduces the temperatures super fast after use to enable faster and safer keeping.

The integrated storage hook makes it easier for storage in the store bay hanging.

The constant heat control feature maintains the optimum heat needed thereby preventing overheating.

The LCD display allows the user to choose from five different speed settings and temperatures from 120 1,200 Degrees Fahrenheit in 20-degree increments.

It has got the disadvantages of;

It is costlier compared to the others.


Categories of heat guns.

1. Electric (Small scale and Industrial)

Electric heat guns command the most share of the market. They use electricity to operate and can heat really fast! They come in varies, some which have got cords and others that are cordless.

Most of our above-reviewed heat guns are electric. They are loved in the market for their qualities which are;

  • First heating.
  • They can be used in an array of jobs, that is, small household jobs to large industrial processes.
  • They come with different levels of power and capabilities, that is, small power for small jobs to strong power and qualities for industrial ones.

2. Gas-powered heat guns.

Different from electric heat guns, gas-powered heat guns use gas, that they hold in fitted tanks. Their merit over the electric-powered ones is that they are widely portable and can perform in areas without electricity. They can be used in similar jobs such as electric heat guns.

Like the electric ones, they also vary according to specialization; From capabilities, temperature, to power and size. They can also perform domestic or industrial jobs according to their accustomed capabilities.

As earlier mentioned, we consider a number of quality factors to determine the kind of job that a specific kind of heat gun can perform. These factors are discussed below, to lead you, to making a wise, regrettable purchase decision.

1. Air Flow and Temperature Control.

The range of temperatures that heat gun has, is what determines which job it can do. The more the heat range a heat gun has, the more the range of tasks it can do and consequently, the more the price.

The heavyweight industrial heat guns can heat up to, 1000 degrees F, while the other smaller one ranges from 150 degrees F downward.

Talking about the airflow, an ideal gun should have a variety of temperature control options. Just like the heat control, the more the control of airflow, the more the efficiency of the heat gun, the higher the price.

If you are planning for a specific job, then you better choose a gun with the optimum temperature and airflow for that particular job. But, if you need to do an array of jobs, then you have to go for the one with a variety of airflow and temperature control.

Some of the temperatures and their uses are;

  1. Shrinking plastic film require 392 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. For drying damp wood require, 212 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Specialized for drying paint require, 86 to 282 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Those for stripping paint require 932 degrees Fahrenheit
  5. Heat gun for stripping paint 932 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Bending plastic pipes require, 392 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Softening Adhesives require, 572 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.
  8. Welding plastic requires, 626 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. The type of nozzle for your best selection.

The shape of your chosen heat gun should fit the purpose of purchase. Different nozzles are adapted differently depending on their specialized jobs. In order to choose the right shape, here are details on their shapes and respective jobs. This is;

  1. Scraper – used for stripping paint.
  2. Reflector Nozzle – used in the task of soldering
  3. Flat or Fishtail Nozzles – used to spread out head on a large area.
  4. Cone or Reducer Nozzles – harnesses the focuses heat for a specific purpose.
  5. Glass Protector Nozzle – Protects the effect of direct heat to the glass during frame streaming.

Knowing the exact size you need for your job shall save you money and also ensure quality. Some heat guns come with a variety of adjustable nozzles, while some come with none. Make sure to check out for this before purchase.

Safety handling guidelines for heat guns.

Since we are dealing with the heat here, then safety comes first. You really want to avoid getting your skin burnt or even serious accidents occurring; Then you should be equipped with the following safety measures to take:

  • Use it in a well-ventilated place to avoid contamination or even poisoning from the gases produced, especially in the case of plastic.
  • Ensure that you can handle your heat gun without strain as possible.
  • Make sure that, when either on, on plugged in, then it is in use, never leave it idle while plugged in.
  • Wear safety boots to avoid shock and even other foot injuries like burns.
  • Before storage, allow your heat gun to cool completely, this shall help you avoid unplanned fires in your store.
  • Before turning on, fix the nozzle first, to enable easy control of the resultant flame.
  • Install a thermal cut out for safety in case it overheats.
  • During pauses when working, ensure you safely place it on its stand to avoid accidents.
  • It is important that you pick a model with the ‘dead man’s switch security feature. this enables the gun to go off in case you lose your grip during operation.
  • Strictly, keep it away from children and other animals in the homestead or facility.
  • The right extension cord should be checked to be ten or more amperes.
  • Use safety goggles when operating the heat gun.
  • Install fire extinguishers in the facility of homesteaders or any other point of operation. This shall come in handy in case of a fire.
  • Keep a safe distance from flammables.


Hot air guns are a short cut to easy living at home, and also easy operations at an industrial level. However, before you make a purchase to regret, you have been wise to go over the clear explanations and reviews of different heat guns for different jobs. Now you are ready to make a decision you shall not regret the purchase of the best heat gun for your next task.

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