The 7 Best Electronic Dartboards (2020)

Now that you no longer need plain boring beer time, or need professional dart tournament training, you have decided to add an electronic dartboard to your chill spot, or maybe replace it with your traditional one. You shall agree with me that fishing out the best electronic dartboard for your needs from the sea of options available isn’t an easy task.

A professional player shall prefer an electronic dartboard that meets the standard set regulations of dart games. Your kids might be in need of an electronic practice board back at home and you are torn in between choices of diametre size; 15½” and 13″.

You might be lost in the puzzle of whether or not you can use your steel-tipped darts on an electronic board, and if so, which board shall best suit this purpose. For the best of your interest, here at Mr. Best review, we set into serious research on electronic dartboards, to fetch the best board for different purposes. Below is a summary list of our best picks:

  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800
  2. Arachnid Cricket pro 650
  3. Viper Neptune Electronic soft tip dartboard with the cabinet.
  4. Arachnid bull shooter Cricket Maxx 5.0 Electronic dartboard
  5. Darts Connect Online electronic board
  6. Franklin sports FS 600 electronic dartboard
  7. Fat cat 727 Electronic dartboard

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

First in our list is the Arachnid cricket pro 800, a quality product from the giant industry trend maker, Arachnid. This electronic dartboard meets the tournament regulation of 15½ inches diametre.

It proves value for its high price out of the quality nylon backing. The Cricket Pro 800 is designed in such a way that. the plastic darts are lead by the carefully crafted square holes on the surface to avoid bouncing-out.
Expect variety since this model gives you a chance to choose and change among its 40 games which vary 179 times.

This model shall keep arguments at the bay courtesy of its ultra-sensitive sensors which keep a clear record of players’ scores.
With it, you have to forget the hustle of having to calculate each player’s points, the averages and so forth. It takes this duty to calculate the points of each player and all the averages letting you enjoy your game and drink away from strain.

Three levels of funny machine applauding are also included, the good news is that those who dislike this feature are catered for with an option to disable or enable it.
Talking of safety, the Cricket pro 800 summarizes this through its soft-tipped darts, which come in a pair plus extra tips for replacement.


  1. It has a variety of games. 179 variations for 40 games.
  2. It has got a cricket display.
  3. Made from durable nylon backing.
  4. Tournament quality.
  5. Covered with a one year warranty.


  1. Unfortunately, it does not cater for those who wish to use steel-tipped darts, thereby fully digital. You also need to plug into a power source to use, and hence limited portability.

Though highly-priced, the Arachnid Pro 800 is the most recommended dartboard for both tournaments and casual use. Experience the dream digital dart games at its latest price on Amazon here.

2. Arachnid Cricket pro 650

Arachnid Cricket pro 650

Features for the Arachnid Cricket pro 800 are irresistibly amazing, however, the price is a little bit high, which gives the reason for our second selection. With the same features as the Pro 800, the Arachnid cricket 650 is a little bit cheaper, however with a reduced number of game options and variations.
This model’s board has a durable nylon backing which makes it high quality.
It has got extra-thin segment dividers to prevent bounce-outs plus accurately crafted holes to accommodate the thrown darts.
It can accommodate 8 players to enjoy the 24 games it provides with 5 cricket variants.


  1. Cater for cricket games courtesy of the additional score counters.
  2. Extra thin segment dividers and well-crafted dartboard surface holes to reduce bounce-outs.
  3. Long operational period due to its nylon backing.


  1. However, the darts which accompany it are poorly crafted and do not last, hence you shall have to look for your own darts.
  2. The price is also high, but worth it when you consider its features and ability to last really long.

I presented this dartboard as the second-best electronic dartboard to help you out on the budget if you really need the Arachnid Cricket 800 features but aren’t interested in many games. Find its latest price here.

3. Viper Neptune Electronic soft tip dartboard with the cabinet.

Viper Neptune Electronic soft tip dartboard

The viper Neptune electronic dartboard delivers to its promise of a classic cabinet on top of its killer qualities. It comes with an AC power option and thereby highly reliable. The advantage that its cabinet brings along is that it guards your wall against stray darts and, provides extra space for keeping your darts.

If computer heckles aren’t your thing, then the Viper Neptune lacks this. However, there is provided compensation in the form of poor applause sounds.
It provides for the inclusion of the whole crew out of its 16 players feature with 57 games with 307 variations. Its dartboard meets the tournament 15½ inches diametre regulation. The commercial-grade nylon is set to last long plus an extra outer space provision for out of target darts.
The LCD display might not work as well as the LED one but still provides for four scores at a go. This model also comes with a limited one year warranty which is good.


  1. Meets the standard 15½ diametre size.
  2. Good quality commercial size nylon material board.
  3. Amazing 57 games with 307 variations.
  4. Best quality cabinet with darts storage space.
  5. Reliable A/C powered with an external power adapter.


  1. Expensive compared to other electronic dartboards of its quality.

The viper Neptune electronic soft tip dartboard with cabinet is amazingly attractive on top of its multiple features that allow for professional training and playing of the dart game. If you prefer to pay a little extra cash for the worthy cabinet, then find its latest price here.

4. Arachnid bull shooter Cricket Maxx 5.0 Electronic dartboard

Arachnid bull shooter Cricket Maxx 5.0 Electronic dartboard

Now, this is my personal best selection for electronic dartboards. For those of us who have to get that steel tip to penetrate the bristles but still admire the digital dartboard automation features, this is the scarce ideal option for us. Being the third Arachnid model in our list, it proves a point about the master producer of best electronic dartboards in the field.
Though not the best electronic dartboard, this dual-purpose model gives both traditional and digital touches with an e-bristle material that works for both steel and plastic-tipped darts. You do not have to rub, record and rub again since the LED display records your score.


  1. Loaded with 37 games which vary 210 times.
  2. Has a heckler that brings life to your game.
  3. 15½ inches diametre
  4. LED cricket display.
  5. Wooden cabinet accompaniment.
  6. Extra space for holding up to 12 darts.
  7. A/C powered with an adapter.
  8. Six steel-tipped and six soft-tipped darts also additional tips for replacement.
  9. It comes with a limited one year warranty.


  1. Comes with a heckle sound. However, you got a chance to disable it, but not before it automatically heckles when it starts.

This is the best model available for electronic dartboards which provide an opportunity to experience both the traditional and digital worlds. If you cherish using the steel-tipped traditional darts on a digital automated dartboard, this is the best model of electronic dartboards for you. Find its latest price here.

5. Darts Connect Online electronic board

arts Connect Online electronic board

Imagine if you have the ability to play the dart game you like even in the absence of your team! The darts connect online presents you with this amazing opportunity, thanks to its online connection through wifi. When connected, there are a variety of online leagues to play against other remote dart gamers.
It’s quality backing guarantees a long service life. This model meets the international standard size of 15½ inches diameter and is therefore suitable for professional dart gaming and training. The distance that separates you from your remote online opponent might motivate tricks and cheating. This shall not happen with the darts connect online which has a camera to observe the moves of your remote online opponent.


  1. Quality backing guarantees a long life.
  2. Has an anti-cheating camera in place.
  3. Wifi connection option that allows for online games.
  4. 15½ standard international diametre size.


  1. Its connectivity demands for too many requirements
  2. The board is just good enough.

If you are looking for the best electronic board for online dart gaming, then the darts connect online electronic dartboard is what you should be checking out for here.

6. Franklin sports FS 600 electronic dartboard

Franklin sports FS 600 electronic dartboard

Are you planning to set up a dart game in your family game room? Then the Franklin sports electronic dartboard got you. This is a simple, safe and, affordable dartboard that your kids shall love.
You do not have to worry about scores since this model has got a digital score tracker that keeps your scores.
This model accommodates up to four players with ninety game variations. The darts are safe since they are made out of plastic.


  1. However, you shall need to replace the dart tips, due to their easy wear after repeated play.

The Franklin sports dartboard is a cheap handy dartboard best for home and other casual play. It cannot, however, hold for serious dart game training and tournament. Find its latest price here

7. Fat cat 727 Electronic dartboard

Fat cat 727 Electronic dartboard

A handy economical price electronic dartboard to substitute the Frankline sports model is the fat cat electronic dartboard. You got nothing fancy to expect from this 13-inch diameter model. However, its features match the price and shall work pretty well for your kids.


  1. Your kids are presented with a chance to choose from the 18 games and 96 variations. The LCD display is just good and shows cricket scores also.
  2. Best economical budget.
  3. Six darts that are soft-tipped and safe for your kids and additional spare tips.
  4. A bag to carry it along.
  5. Operates on 3 size AA batteries hence highly portable.


  1. Fair quality hence shorter life and also fair performance.

If you are looking out for the best budget electronic dartboard, with basic features to start off your kids, then the Fat cat 727 electronic dartboard is the ideal option for you. Check out its latest price here.

Why choose an electronic dartboard?

Ideally, the traditional bristle dartboard might be cheaper, but the hustle of having to work out the math sipping a mouthful of cold beer ain’t that promising.
If you dislike bounce-outs, then you shall love the electronic dartboard which prevents such occurrence. I describe these boards as a one-stop zone for a pool of dart games to choose from.

Some heckles sounds from a dartboard after a good shot raises the spirits, leave alone the live nature this kind of game shall have, that is just what you expect from the best electronic dartboard.

The automation aspect of the electronic dartboard lets you enjoy your game and drink by calculating the points from its automated scoring.

The electronic dartboard has got a memory to carry along your game at any point, thanks to its portability feature.

Consider these to purchase the best electronic dartboard

1. Board surface design

You get frustrated by bounce-outs as much as I do, the surface of an ideal dartboard should be of high quality and feature extra-thin segment dividers to reduce chances of this frustrating experience.

Additionally, the sensitivity of the board should be high, this enables recording a score even when the thrown dart fails to stick.

Tradition feels good to use, that is why some of the serious players prefer to use steel-tipped darts, for this reason, you shall have to choose a board surface with the digital features but allowing space for traditional steel-tipped darts to stick. These types of electronic boards are available, made of a special material known as Bristle Tech, but you shall have to spare a few beer bottles to cater to its additional prize.

2. Board size

If you are used to the dart game basic rules, then you know the required distance for positioning aboard, which is eight feet from the throwing point. This spells out, which board size shall work better, among the smaller or larger ones. The standard 15½ inches serves the purpose well.

For a professional dart player, the ideal set standard size f is 15½ inches diametre. The 13-inch size diametre works best for training and casual game purposes.

3. Scoreboard.

An electronic dartboard isn’t complete without an LCD or LED display. This is where all the results from throws shall be shown and the X/0 for cricket games.

Screen sophistication varies with the product, While some models show basics, others include features such as; illumination of game predictions, help you out in tracking your games over a long period of time and even give an option for setting a handicap for the weaker players.

5. Internet connectivity

Now that the digital world synchronizes our real world, some electronic dartboards have synchronized the dart game also. What I mean is the option to connect to the internet for fresh game updates download, not forgetting the amazing online leagues you can play with other remote players. Isn’t this amazing?

6. Number of players

You need to have all the people engaged in the dart game. Different electronic dartboards vary in terms of the number of players they can support at a time ranging from two to sixteen.
Consider the number of people, then choose a dartboard that shall fit them, all factors considered.

7. Power options the electronic dartboard provides

There are both D/C and A/C powered dart boards, while others work with either of the two. Your needs here shall largely determine the ideal power option for your electronic dartboard.
If you plan to permanently stick your board on the wall, then the A/C option only shall work for you. For those who prefer moving positions of their dart boards, then you shall need an A/c and D/C powered dartboard to allow for mobility.

8. Location.

Electronic dartboards vary in terms of their source of power. While others are battery-powered and hence highly portable, others require plugging into a power source.
Consider the intended location for your game, then decide accordingly.
In addition to all the above, having the right number of darts shall see all your crew or family members participate. For those who prefer real heckling from the crew, then, the extra heckling feature might be irritating, luckily enough for you, this can be turned on or off at will.

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