5 Best Contractor Table Saws

The best contractors know that fine woodworking comes through the use of the best of contractor table saws. Not only do they give you greater stability and power for the precision cut, but they also work on high-intensity woodworks compared to the DIY projects table saws.

When you set out to buy one, you are going to want to buy the best table saw to meet both your needs and budget. This is not easy though, most contractors end up buying poor table saws given the variety and volume available in the market.

Count this trouble gone for, we set out into serious research that gave a result of the cream table saws a contractor can rely on. Most of the top contractor table saws in the market get outshone by the top table saws which we review in this article.

Our precise list of 5 best contractor table saws

  1. SAWSTOP CNS 175-TGP36
  2. Powermatic PM 1000
  4. Delta 365052
  5. Jet 708492K


Talk about safety and see the Sawstop CNS 175-TGP36. This versatile and reliable table saw has a 36-inch T-Glide system with rails that allow for an extension when working on large wood pieces. Accurate angle cuts are catered for with its meter gauge that can tilt towards the left thereby keeping the wood from rubbing against the fencing.

This not being enough, this table saw allows for a 10 and 8-inch blade to allow for ripping large wood pieces. The cast iron flat table and stable base build up this table saws stability, therefore, resulting in accurate and precise cuts. However, this 360 Lbs weight table saw is not meant for portability.

With a motor power of 4.0 Hp, you are assured of working on most woods including hardwoods, this is a feature any serious contractor needs!

Another Amazing feature that you get is its extensive reset system that lets you reset the machine to default in less than 6 minutes. Minimal accidents are expected since the SawStop table saw embraces the modern automatic on and off switch feature.

This automatically senses touch or your skin and precedes to automatically switch the machine off in milliseconds to avoid amputation. This is the feature that makes it stand out as the best contractor wood saw among the many in the market.
Forget dusty untidy workplaces due to the extensive dust collection system that comes with this table saw.


  1. Automatic on and off safety switch.
  2. Allows for a 10&8 inch blade.
  3. Extendable to accommodate larger wood pieces.
  4. Includes a miter gauge for accurate angle cuts.
  5. Has an extensive dust collection system.
  6. Fast reset system for easy resetting of the table saw.
  7. The table is made out of cast iron that is durable and heavy therefore more stability.


  1. The included extender is strenuous to level.
  2. Its lever has got limited control.

A final word for the SawStop CNS 175-TGP36

For stationary contractors who are safety cautious and at the same time need that accurate precise results for their clients, this is the ideal contractor wood saw for you. Find the latest price for the safest table saw here.

2. Powermatic PM 1000

Precise accurate results require minimum vibration, what then happens when you get a contractor table saw that lacks vibrations? The Powermatic PM 1000 uses a poly-v belt which gets rid of vibration to give a stable 1-3/4.0 Hp motored contractor table saw.

As if not enough, the manufacturer optimized its power-saving capability, this giant heavy-duty machine uses 115V. Do not worry about performance for it works perfectly well with high power. Dust on the table near the blade can obstruct your view, this table saw alleviates this challenge with its strategically placed hose to blow out this dust to its collection point.

The included 30″ fence with extender help out during handling large workpieces. However, this table saw does not have a riving knife for kickback prevention. Blades for this table saw offer a quick and easy tool-free changing.

The good news is that its meter-gauge tilts 60° to both sides enabling you to easily make clean angle cuts. The cast iron table edges are made to effectively accept fixing of a meter gauge. The extensive dust collection system with an internal dust collection port insures your health and ensures a tidy working place.


  1. Has the best meter gauge that provides for 60° lean to both the right and left sides.
  2. Designed with a poly-v belt that gets rid of vibrations.
  3. Quick and easy blade changing.
  4. It comes with an extender and 30″ fence for larger woodworks.
  5. Made of cast iron table with quality designed edges.
  6. Dust hose for effective and continuous dust collection.
  7. A power saver table saw with 115V low power needs.


  1. Lacks modern security features, more so, the automatic emergency switch.

Foot word on the Powermatic PM 1000 1791001K

For a contractor, clean accurate results for the client are a priority. This is the saw top with the best performance slightly better than the SawStop. The only fault is that it lacks modern security features thereby pitting you into the risk of big accidents. Check out its latest price here.


A highly versatile table saw such as the DEWALT DWE7491RS is what most contractors look out for. This contractor table saw is specially presented in our list for those contractors who need to move their machine to the field.

It includes a rolling stand with wheels for moving to the job site, it allows for an extension of the stands that easily fold back into the base to allow for rolling.

It is a heavy power table saw due to the 15 amp motor it comes with hence gives a clean performance on any type of wood including hardwoods. The Dewalt table saw allows for a 10-inch table saw designed with carbide tips plus a push stick that gives you easy and secure control.

You don’t have to worry about dust and the cleanliness of your work area, thanks to the 2.5 inches dust collection port it comes with. The saw has a no-load speed of 4800 rpm.

A miter gauge to deal with angle cuts is also included and can be easily be attached to the cast iron. Talking of performance, this contractor table saw has got a 32-1/2 rip capacity which gives a chance for producing wider woodworks.


  1. Highly portable due to the included rolling stand.
  2. Great dust extraction port that allows for connecting a vacuum.
  3. It can work on a variety of applications.
  4. Has 15 amp powered motors that sink into even the hardest woods
  5. Includes safe built-in storage that allows you to keep your tools near.
  6. Has got a stable base to minimize vibrations.
  7. Includes a miter gauge to cater for angle cut needs.


  1. It has no full dust extraction system.

A final word on the DEWALT DWE7491RS

If most of your client work is done on-site and not from your shop, then you should go for this table saw for its high portability. It has enough power for any work and shall, therefore, perform to your expectations. Check out its latest price here.

4. Delta 365052

Delta 365052 allows busy contractors to enjoy easy woodworking on a variety of projects they are bond to handle. It allows you to move with it wherever you go due to its lighter weight hence easy mobility. The inclusion of a flat durable cast iron top assures you of a long operational life.

The 15 amp motor it comes with produces the power needed for most of the projects a contractor handles. With a quality base made from cast iron, this table saw proves fair stability compared to others in its range.

After you switch off the Delta table saw using the easily accessible switch, you can use the break feature to stop the blade. Its large rip capacity allows for ripping wide pieces of the woodwork with its left tilting meter gauge present to help you out with the angled cuts.

This model also includes a rail system that allows for an extension when working with large wood pieces plus an extension table which includes two legs for stability.


  1. Cast iron tabletop that is durable.
  2. Easy to access power on and off switch.
  3. Includes a blade guard and brakes for your safety.
  4. It has a large ripping capacity.
  5. It comes with 15 amp motor thus enough power for most projects.


  1. Lightweight hence less stability compared to other top picks.

A final word on Delta

This is a simple and productive contractor table saw that moves with you and also saves your space. Its price is also economical given the wide variety of features it presents. Find its latest price here.

5. Jet 708492K

This economical best quality cast iron tabled contractor table saw is what a contractor looking for quality with fair price should opt for. It comes with a fair quality blade guard that presents easy removal and easy setup.

Jet table saw comes with a 30″ fencing which is easily set up to give perfect fencing. Included also is a riving knife that prevents kickbacks and therefore helps avoid injuries from stray timber pieces. This model is clean and capable of handling most of the contractor woodworks while saving you some few bucks.


  1. Economical compared to other models.
  2. Safety riving knife.
  3. Easily accessible Abor lock.
  4. Great quality cast iron table.
  5. Includes an easily attachable 30″ fencing.
  6. Easy blade set up and removal.


  1. Limited security features.

Our final word on the Jet 708492K

If you need quality woodworks that shall please your client and need not spend much, then Jet 708492K is the best contractor table saw a model for you. Check out its latest price here.

How do you pick the best contractor table saw?

The most expensive table saws are not necessarily the best, there plenty of cheap ones that work just as well. With a lot of web research and community-based usage, we put the listed products to test and consulted with some leading experts in the field.

We grouped the saws into the most appropriate category of the best professional table saw. Our aim was to find the best cabinet table saw for your budget, which shall produce accurate results that as a contractor you intend to produce. To do that we went through each of the saws that we found and focused on the following:

1. Safety features

We put safety first in everything. Check the below-listed features, to assess the extent to which your desired table saw ensures your safety.

a. Blade guard; This is the shield that protects your fingers from accidentally touching a running table saw. Check to make sure it is included, opaque blade guards can bar your view, we advise that you go for table saws with clear blade guards or those made of plexiglass.

b. Modern contractor saw tops have a technology that turns off the machine automatically upon detection of your touch during operation. With this, you are fully assured to avoid big injuries. They are highly-priced but worth their cost.

c. Anti-kickback and splitters make sure that, a stray timber fragment does not hit you resulting in injury.

d. Dust collection; Your health matters. Check to see whether your chosen ideal table saw has got an extensive dust collection system to avoid dusty workplaces that might lead to health conditions. Additionally, you have your workspace clean and tidy, that is a hit!

2. Power

Contractor table saws come with high horsepower since they are meant for heavy-duty woodworks. They, however, differ in terms of power.
The most powerful heavy table saws have a power of 5 while lighter ones reach 2. The ideal power for most contractors is usually between 1-3. If you are planning for too heavy woodworks, then you go for more powered and heavier table saws and vise Versa.

3. Stability & Material

Accurate cuts come with a stable table saw free from vibrations. A heavy solid base makes the machine stationary and free from vibrations hence, clean precise results for your client.

The material goes hand in hand with stability. Since, the heavier the table saw, the more the stability, then heavier materials are preferred. Most tables and bases for table saws are made out of cast iron which is heavy, wear-proof to last. We recommend cast iron, however, you might be interested in lighter ones which give you a chance for mobility.

Lighter table saws have their base and table made out of materials such as; stainless steel and stamped metal which is also fairly stable and durable.

4. Table size, Surface & Extensions

Large workpieces shall demand broader, flat and quality surfaces with smaller ones demand smaller surfaces.

You should check to assert that a saw comes with extra surface extensions for large workpieces, since, as a contractor, your client’s needs are meant to differ and you might want to upgrade the surface. It comes with extra cost, but for a machine that supports your livelihood, it is worth the investment.

5. Blade material

The determinant factor of what a blade is suited for is its material. For woodworking, steel made blades work best. However, for metal cutting, diamond-tipped tungsten blades are the best while tungsten carbide made blades work best for plastics.
The number of teeth a blade has per inch shall determine the speed and nature of its finish. More teeth per inch mean precise and fine finish but slow cutting and vise Versa.

6. Price & Warranty

Finally, let’s talk about the price. Unlike other DIY projects table saws, contractor table saws are heavy priced. However, these prices differ from model to model, based on the features as seen above.

To effectively deal with price, consider your budget and the quality of the contractor wood saw you choose. Do not compromise quality over your budget needs unless you need a table saw that is gonna break up soon.

Warranty for such a heavy investment is part of the central concentration. Contractor table saws are made up of many parts hence prone to failures and break-downs, with a good warranty, you are assured of value for your investment over a good period of use. Choose a table saw whose manufacturer provides a reasonable warranty.

Most cover for natural wears and tears plus breakdown resulting from the manufacturer’s faults. Warranties start from one year while other manufacturers extend up to five years.


The above thoroughly researched best contractor table saws provide contractors with the best options for both their budget and needs. Use the buying guide to know the ideal choice for your needs from the top five best table saws presented above. Have a great working experience.

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