The 7 Best Baby Walkers For Carpet (2020)

Finding the best baby walker for carpet covered floors is a challenge that needs extra research hours. This is because not all baby walkers have the design needs to serve your little gift on carpeted floors.

A carpet baby walker should have better-developed wheels, that can slide over the thick grains of your carpet. This is the most important feature to consider. Safety, comfortability, and entertainment are other important factors to consider that we shall discuss later on in this article.

Here at Mr.Best Review, we spare you the extra research time by our detailed research and review for the best available options for the ideal baby walker. Before we go into detail, I present a precise list of carpet baby walkers you can trust.

  1. Joovy spoon walker ( minimal sensory inclusions, made in the U.S)
  2. Safety first Dino Sounds and lights walker (safest plus enough sensory inclusions)
  3. Little Balance Box 2-in-1 walker ( unique to help develop your baby’s muscle strength& eye to hand coordination)
  4. Disney Baby Minnie mouse music and lights baby walker (best for baby daughters)
  5. Bright starts roaming safari walker (gives a chance for choosing colors&toys)
  6. Chicco walky-talky baby walker ( Gives your baby a chance to learn six languages)
  7. VTech sit to stand learning walker ( colors to improve a baby’s vision, fun learning accessories)

1. Joovy spoon walker.

Joovy spoon walker

The simplicity of this handy walker puts it first on our list. Its large wheels conveniently glide over any type of carpet. It has adjustable height at three levels, thereby grows up with your child teaching him or her to walk.

The inclusion of an extra-wide base confirms the safety of your child by providing stability and also preventing injury. The extra-large tray gives room for the child’s activities. Safety for your baby is assured by the safety non-slip stair pads which prevent your baby from advancing down or upstairs.

The comfy Joovy spoon walker comes with seat pads which safely and comfortably accommodate your delicate child’s skin. Its removable insert allows for easy feeding of your baby and maintenance, this is because you can safely remove them. On top of this, they are easily washable in a dishwasher.


  1. Big wheels for convenient movement on carpeted floors.
  2. Easily removable pads and tray for washing.
  3. It can be folded to a small size for keeping.
  4. Spacious tray to accommodate your baby’s toys and plate
  5. Include convincing safety measures for kids.


  1. Convenient for large houses due to their large size.
  2. The new wheels might be rigid but shall get better after a short operating period.

The Joovy spoon walker combines features of comfortability, entertainment, and safety thereby making it the ideal baby walker. Check for its latest price here.

2. Safety First Dino Lights and Sounds Walker.

Safety First Dino Lights and Sounds Walker.

Just like the name, safety first dino sounds and lights walker puts your baby’s safety first. Thanks to its heavy-duty wheels that are ideal for carpeted floors and the safety grip strips included at the base.

This safest baby walker for carpeted floors comes with superb entertainment features. Its tray includes toys plus 12 soothing sounds that make it a haven for your baby. Its five bright lights boost the confidence of your baby to stay in it.
Your feeding activities are catered for through the creatively crafted spring-open tray which performs the duties of a tray plus space for toys.

The big blow with this model is that it does not include a backrest and hence, restricts age to 5 months old and above. The tray is unfoldable, alternatively, it can be dismantled for keeping.


  1. Well developed wheels that work on carpeted floors.
  2. The spring-open tray design kills two birds with one stone, that is, holding toys and at the same time snacks.
  3. Safest design with the inclusion of safety grip strands and a large base.
  4. Best entertainment features; Music and lights.


  1. Made from plastic material hence slightly lightweight.
  2. Restricted to babies who are five months or older.
  3. Hectic storage activity through disassembling.

If your baby is five months or more, then, this is a great choice of a walker for floors with carpet. You can check its latest price on Amazon here.

3. Little balance box 2-in-1 walker.

Little balance box 2-in-1 walker.

This is my favorite among the listed models. This is because of the double advantage of its unique design presents. Unlike the traditional baby walkers, the child is not restricted. Your baby has all the time to decide what to do with the little balance box.

It is meant for pushing, as the child pushes, he or she develops the hand to eye coordination, learns to walk and finally develops the muscles. This bamboo made model comes with an extra-wide base for your baby to keep toys and snacks. For safety during pushing the table-like walker includes agronomic borders for a better grip

Its keenly crafted legs are soft and made to float and slide on the carpet. It is easy to assemble and opens up to your child’s creativity without confinement.


  1. A unique design from the traditional walkers.
  2. Helps develop both muscles and hand to eye coordination in a creative, easy and fun way.
  3. Its base provides space to accommodate snacks and toys for your baby.
  4. The floating legs glide on the carpet easily and safely.


  • It does not confine your child, some parents might prefer confinement for safety purposes.

If you are the kind of parent who wants to see their child creatively develop coordination and muscles without confinement, then the little balance box walker is the model for you. Get it’s the latest price on Amazon here.

4. Disney Music and Lights Baby Walker.

Disney Music and Lights Baby Walker.

You shall agree with me that this is the most beautiful model among the listed options. There are high chances that this walker shall set a smile on your baby’s face, more so your little lovely daughter. Thanks to its features of; four pretty toys from the Disney characters, tailored to match the pink lovely color, soothing lights and finally two removable trays.

The feature of the toy playing to the tune may sound insignificant but works magic in making the walker your child’s best accessory.
Its tray can be easily washed similar to its seat pads which are machine washable, isn’t that amazing!

The walker has three levels of hights, meaning it adjusts to the hight of your first growing baby. It has got well-developed wheels that won’t get stuck in your thick carpet. Disney baby music and lights baby walker can be folded into a small easy-to-keep piece.


  1. The wheels are well designed to be powerful for sliding safely on your carpet.
  2. Its entertainment features are classic and lively, this shall sweep your baby’s attention.
  3. It contains two removable trays and seat pads which are machine washable.
  4. It has three levels of hight to adjust to and a wide base for stability and safety.


  1. It tends to be gender centered, as per my opinion based on its features. Its assembly takes significant time.

Are you planning to have your kiddy spend more time in a lovely beautiful walker? This best baby walker for carpet floors shall serve your purpose. Then check out the latest price of the Disney music and lights baby walker here.

5. Bright Starts Roaming Safari Baby Walker.

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Baby Walker.

I doubt whether your child shall escape the attractive jungle theme that the safari walker comes with. The bright four colors to choose from and toys make it an entertainment hub for your baby. This model has a backrest and three levels of adjustment that shall adjust accordingly to your child’s height.

Simple handle features include; easily foldable, movable toys and electric tray, changeable seat pads in each level of the three steps. The option for sound control makes it easy to avoid sensory overstimulation that can be detrimental to your child.


  1. Easily foldable and thereby easy to keep or move around with.
  2. Works great on carpets.
  3. It is cheaper in price with exciting features.
  4. Beautiful variety of colors to choose from.
  5. Its installation is very easy with simple subsequent maintaining.
  6. It provides more room for extra toys, the toy station also is removable and can be moved to the child’s convenient location.
  7. Its design provides for security features that prevent injury and is therefore safe


  1. The central concentration part here is the wheels which are not that convenient due to their small size.
  2. Its seat pads are permanent thereby pose a challenge in maintenance.
  3. This model uses batteries, so you shall have to change them each month.

The bright stars roaming safari walker has got all the features required for your child’s walking development, considering its price, it is one of the best baby walkers for carpet floors. Check its latest price on Amazon here.

6. Chicco walky-talky baby walker.

Chicco walky-talky baby walker.

Isn’t it interesting to have your baby learn 3 languages while learning to walk? Then, the Chicco walky-talky baby walker is the ideal model that presents this opportunity.

The model comes with superb entertainment features for your child including colorful toys, removable wheels, and entertainment department which coverts the walker into a stationary station for your child, it contains a play tray with basic 123& ABC to offer a reference for the sound languages.

This model also comes with adjustable height with three levels, The brake pards ensure your baby’s safety through preventing it from rolling over in case your child advances to the staircase. Still, we have the bumper guards, this feature prevents the walker from scratching the walls of your house in instances when it comes to contact with the walls.


  1. Easily adjustable according to your child’s height, thanks to its three-level adjustment features.
  2. Works fair on carpeted floors.
  3. The most outstanding feature is its interactive language learning ais, that is, audios in six different languages plus ABC&123 reference characters on the tray.
  4. Assured safety out of the brake pads, confinement, and the bumper guard.
  5. Nice comfortable seat pads that are friendly to your fragile child’s developing skin and body.


  1. Restricted to children below 33 inches.
  2. The sound of the audio is not adjustable.

Having your child comfortably learn two skills at a go is so interesting. For this experience, the Chicco walky-talky baby walker shall work best. Get the latest price on Amazon here.

7. VTech sit-to-stand learning walker

7. VTech sit-to-stand learning walker

Are you looking for an affordable walker for carpet that shall also enhance your child’s sight? Then the Vtech sit-to-stand is the ideal model for you.

This one comes with bright colors which shall truly enhance your baby’s sight ability. It comes with a complete entertainment compartment that includes: toys, sound effects, piano keys, and lights.

However, this model lacks a backrest and can only support children who are 9 months old and above. Another great feature is that its activity compartment can be removed during feeding.

Talking of the wheels, which are our central interest here, it has wheels with tension adjustments that help in making the wheels move freely on a floor with carpet or tiles and wood.


  1. Considering its features, this model is cheaper in price compared to the others.
  2. The resistance adjustment feature enables easy movement on carpets and tiles.
  3. It has the quality and extensive entertainment and learning center.


  1. The model is limited to babies for over nine months.
  2. This is a perfect affordable walker for carpeted floors, you can check out its latest price here.

The above selection comprises of the top best baby walker for use on carpet and floors with tiles or wood. Any selection among them shall work for you to the levels described above.

Why use a baby walker?

Your baby’s transition from crawling to walking should be keenly looked into. You want the transition to be as smooth as possible without your baby getting hurt. The first stable step of a baby gives the best smiles on the parents faces, this safe transition is ensured through the use of a walker because;

  1. A walker as seen above comes with parallel advantages like the entertainment part of it. This makes the transition fun-filled and hence smooth.
  2. Having your child struggle during the transition isn’t a good idea. It shall deny him or her the freedom to move around and hence limit your kid. A walker helps him or her have full mobility while learning to walk.
  3. While you have to keep a keen eye on the child during his struggles to walk, a walker shall enable you to rest without having to worry about the safety and comfortability of your baby.
  4. You really need a faster and safe transition. I happily reveal that walkers are a scientifically proven resource that speeds up the development.

Just, what features should you consider when selecting the best baby walker for carpet floors;

In the early stages of this article, we promised to share the details of the features that motivated our selection. Additionally, you might decide to consider a selection for yourself, these guidelines shall come in handy.

1. Safety.

The last thing you want to experience as a parent is getting your kid hurt due to discrepancies in the design of a walker. To determine how safe the walker is, check out the following:

Break pads which shall ensure the walker moves at just the safe speed. Tension adjusters can also serve this purpose well.

The design should have cushioned seat pads given the fragility of the baby’s skin and body.

The walker should have measures put in place to make it stair proof. This is because stairs shall cause a rollover that shall surely hurt your kid.

Check that the base of the walker is wider than the tray, this shall provide stability for the walker and also prevent injury in case it comes into contact with a wall.

2. Comfortability

An ideal walker should assure the comfort of your baby. Look out for a walker with less or adjustable sensory accompaniments such as lights and audio. This shall help you avoid sensory overstimulation to your baby.
The seat pad should be considered as discussed earlier under safety.

3. Entertainment

Your kiddy needs a relaxed mind in this transition struggles, you should, therefore, have to consider the entertainment aspect. This includes accompaniments such as toys, music, sounds, lights and so on. You should be cautious to make sure that the entertainment accessories are not too much as they can cause an effect on your child’s sensory ability.

4. Wheels

Now that we are sorting the best walkers for carpets, the wheels matter a great deal, you should check to confirm that the wheels can work on a carpet.
Generally, the ideal wheels should be large to prevent them from sticking in between the strands of the carpet.


There are baby walkers designed to be used on carpet. You should be cautious to choose the ideal walker based on your budget and the likes of your child.
In your selection, be careful to consider all the given factors, this shall sure give a result of the best baby walker for carpet. We are done on this topic, feel free to get back on any issue, thumb up or down for this piece.

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