The 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayers (2020)

– Finding the best airless paint sprayer has increasingly been a challenge for professional painters, and regular homeowners looking to paint their units or personal stained objects

– The market today is quite flooded by the endless options of the airless paint sprayers whose innovations have eased and helped in the reduction of the average time spent painting using the customary Rollers and brushes.

Here at Mr. Best review, we fish out the best from the flooded market.

Our best choices at a glance;

  1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Professional Airless Paint Gun.
  2. Magnum ProX19 Electric right airless stand, sprayer.
  3. Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer.
  4. Titan Control max 1500 HEA Spray.
  5. HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Paint Gun right.

– The Airless paint sprays are pressured stream of paints that barely relies on airflow to make the material out of the sprayer. This makes them extremely portable and reliable.

Detailed review for each of the best airless paint sprayer

1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Professional Airless Paint Gun

This Airless Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Professional Airless Paint Gun sprayers rank’s higher than the other available option owing to the highly adjustable pressure and tip, giving it more power, and it’s highly portable.

Top best airless paint sprayer- Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Professional Airless Paint Gun

It’s fixed with the garden hose connection for cleaning purposes, which has become even more accessible. The painter produces quality results without overspray, and its only disadvantage is the challenge with the size, which makes its storage a problem.

At 26 lbs. Weight other conventional products outperform it though it is relatively portable with a set of wheels and a handle. This is the most recommended airless paint sprayer for professional and home use to purchase it click here


  • No paint thinning is required.
  • The start-up is quite simple and easy to use.
  • The extended garden hose connection enables easy cleaning after use.
  • A wheel and handle make it highly portable


  • Though the garden hose connection is availed, the bulk Unit consumes time cleaning.
  • The Unit is also big and bulky, thus cause storage challenges.

2. Magnum ProX19 Electric right airless stand, sprayer.

The Magnum proX19 Electric airless sprayer is another of the Magnum great collection on the list, of the best airless paint sprayer for large projects due to its high power-Psi.

I recommend it for painting and spraying thicker material as a result of its substantial tip size capability and thus saves painters time through its ability to quickly swap the pump on the job without tools.

Magnum ProX19 Review

The distinctive features are that it incorporates an adjustable spray speed change pump system. Flexible suction tube for spraying unthinned paint and a garden hose pump for easy cleaning after use. 

It has a highly adjustable spray speed, supports large tip sizes that are replaceable, and in terms of volume, it can spray from within 1-5 yard bucket.

Clogging is easily avoidable in that as you paint you opt to reverse and adjust the tip pressure to your specifications for the desired power flush.

I highly recommended it for property maintenance and professional painters, general contractors and remodelers of any fast-paced projects. To purchase the product click here.

Top features

  • Includes an SG3 Premium Metal spray gun with hose swivel for easier longer hose lengths management.
  • Highly compact in design for easy job site portability.
  • Long DC Motor extension cord with up to 150 feet of airless paint hose.
  • Has a reliable start-up spray gun switch tap pump.
  • Includes an extra added Insta-clean pump filter that reduces natural paint debris clog on the tip.


  • Capable response team around you to help in case of any trouble operating.
  • Easy to clean with a Power flush adopter that allows for garden hose connection.
  • Time saver proX changer pump system that won’t require any on job pump replacement.
  • It is a highly reliable and long-lasting stainless steel piston pump.
  • Effectively easy paint flow through the adjustable pressure.
  • Great control through the airless soft spray tip technology, thus offering less overspray with a variety of coatings.
  • Fast and reliable start-up push prime every time.


  • For thick paints, you may need to buy an extra pipe.
  • Don’t use to much tick as it will highly clog.

3.  Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer.

The Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer is the best airless paint sprayers. It is quite portable with sufficient power and accompanied by the enhanced nozzle and cup when purchased for fast spraying and its price is friendly to any individual home painter.

It’s one of the best airless paint sprayer ideal for both indoor and outdoor painting tasks; thus, it’s a reasonably flexible tool with nine different speeds. To buy this sprayer, click here.


  • Has a stationary sprayer with integrated storage for holding spare tips.
  • It has a HEA technology that controls overspray and delivers softer spray.
  • Fifty feet of hose for massive projects. An all-metal powerful spray gun.
  • The gun attaches a 0.7 horsepower HEA pump that can spray unthinned paint and stain materials.
  • Utilizes a 50 ft. Hose to easily spray even the most significant projects.
  • This airless sprayer lasts longer as it has a rebuildable fluid section.
  • It also has a knob to regulate the paint flow.


  • Easy to use and suitable for amateur painters.
  • Flexible and versatile for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Highly portable and comfortable to transport.
  • Superpower spray.


  • Difficult to clean due to many parts.
  • Slightly high overspray than you may like.

4. Titan Control max 1500 HEA Spray.


The Titan Control max 1500 High-Efficiency Airless paint sprayer can pull paint directly from a 1-5 gallon paint according to your project convenience.

The model though less powerful then the 1700 Max is also designed with interior tool storage, and it is backed with a two-year-long warranty.

The airless HEA technology enhances the sprayer’s mess and is suitable for dyers and handymen specializing in desirable output on the interior and exterior paint jobs. It allows for use on unthinned paint exterior finishing’s, stained walls, and ceiling. To purchase the product click here.


  • The sprayer has a 1500PSI with a 25 ft. Hose extendable to a 75 ft. Reach with efficiency.
  • The spray lasts up to three times longer compared to competitors and has a rebuildable fluid section for sprayer’s life extension.
  • The airless sprayer has a 515 spray tip ideal for latex paints, and this sprayer can spray 0.29 gallons per minute.
  • The High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) system also has an adjustable pressure.
  • The model incorporates different tips for your user project convenience.
  • It also modeled with integrated storage to store the tools when done.
  • Minimizes overspray by while delivering a softer spray ensuring a consistent finish every time.
  • Has adjustable pressure from the 55 horsepower motor.
  • Different HEA sized tips are sold separately to match your coating and project needs.


  • It has adjustable pressure that enhances paint flow control.
  • More stable when used due to its low construction.
  • Has a built-in storage compartment for your tools.


  • For thick paint, you need to think.
  • After using the cleaning is a bit procedural and may take a bit more time

5. HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Paint Gun right 

The HomeRight Power-Flo Pro 2800 ranks fifth as the best airless paint sprayers even though it has an effective Power for spraying with a 0.5 HP motor and 2800 PSI. Along with this power, it has two metal legs that offer stability. The HomeRight Power Flow Pro 2800 is superb for large household painting projects.


Simple movement with top handles highly portable, easy to clean after use. Chrome-plated spray gun. Airless spray hose. Spray unthinned latex manual included.

The spray works perfectly, and I highly recommend it to DIY enthusiasts who have a variety of projects to tackle large household projects finalizing with a superior finish on a home exterior, sheds, fences, garages, decks, etc. To purchase the product click here.


  • Has a 0.5 Hp motor for superb performance.
  • Superb with a 2800 PSI to spray airless unthinned paint.
  • Has a control knob for ultimate customized paint flow the perfect spray pattern.
  • Long hose of up to 25 Ft. long that’s non-kink, this allows for easy maneuvering, thus quickly reaching the painting object.


  • Has metal legs allowing for proper stability.
  • Low profile design aiding on balance.
  • Has excellent spraying power thus speedy.
  • Easy to use and clean after use.


  • It requires the thinning of thicker paints, which can be time-consuming. 
  • Complicated Setup instructions due to limited setup guidelines

What to consider when choosing your ideal air sprayer.

An airless Paint sprayer is highly reliable and faster painters for professional painters. When used the airless painters offer flexibility and versatility of use speeding up your painting needs

The Airless Paint Sprayers are the best painters for walls, furniture, decks, fences, and fur much better sprayers for furniture among the numerous applications

In this article, I will recommend the best airless paint sprayers I have personally used. The basis of the recommendations for the best sprayers is based on; Adjustable power and tips, the volume of paint power, constructive material size and weight.

– Adjustable Pressure and Tips.

Highly recommendable airless paint sprayers have adjustable pressure for efficient flexibility on a variety of projects whose requirements vary. Higher pressure results in more speedy painting with a smooth and soft finish. For small and detailed jobs such as furniture painting, moderate airless pressure sprayers are always ok.

For airless paint sprayers, the tip is critical as they allow you to change the flow of the paint without worrying on clogs. This tip should thus be selected wisely based on the paint thickness and object or projects to be sprayed

Thus to efficiently utilize and purchase the best airless sprayer considering the pressure and the tip, which should also be cleaned and handles with care is key to a long-lasting sprayer.


Best Airless paint sprayers concentrate on the Volume capacity of the paint. Before you start spraying it is important to consider the unit or object to be sprayed which dictates the volume of paint required to complete the painting task

A key challenge with the paint volume is that of spray portability. Less volume airless painters hold a little volume of paint and are more portable but hectic in having to refill. This less volume Airless Paint Sprayers are good for small painting tasks

For large painting such as walls and fences more paint volume are required thus airless sprays with large volume or with a hose that can pull paints from buckets are more favorable.


Different airless sprayers have different power or Psi, from my experience the power of the airless sprayer is a key consideration in line with speed and efficiency though not compulsory. This because the paint thickness, adhesiveness and definitely the object or project to paint do matter a lot too.

For thicker paints, a higher-powered pressure airless spray is likely required. Different objects and purposes also require different spraying powers; for example, painting the wall, ceiling, and a deck may require different power airless sprayers.

Construction material and sensitivity

When making a purchase, an essential feature for most painters is the sensitivity or overall durability of the construction material. Constructors use different material mainly Plastic and metals.

Plastic material has become common among many constructors, many painters have rushed into purchasing airless paint sprayers manufactured of the material due to its economical price and reduced overall weight.

Metal more so steel oriented airless paint sprayers are though more durable and reliable. It’s mostly recommended for handling large paint projects as the motor power is dealt with effectively and wear and tear is significantly reduced

Size and Weight

Most of the best airless paint sprayers are dominant and more prominent in size and weight. This because they incorporate a motor to the overall Unit. This two-variable affects your storage and portability.

When buying the handle or wheel is critical in aiding the size and weight challenges. Based on the above points I will now provide you with the very top five best Airless Paint sprayers for Professional painters.

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